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Name Type Description
FBSend Plugin Add Facebook send button to your CMSMS site. The Send button lets people privately send content on your site to one or more friends in a Facebook message, to an email address, or share it with a Facebook group.
FBShare Plugin Add Facebook share button to your CMSMS site. The Share button lets people add a personalized message to links before sharing on their timeline, in groups, or to their friends via a Facebook Message. If your app is native to iOS or Android, we recommend that you use the native Share Dialog on iOS and Share Dialog on Android instead. We also provide a web based Share Dialog which can also publish Open Graph actions.
FEU Bulk Mailer Module This module provides backend users the ability to send very easily an email to several groups of the FrontendUsers module. This is a fork of FEUMailer. For a more complete and sophisticated Newsletter system use Calguy's Newsletter Made Simple.
FEU Checklist Module Makes a centralized checklist for FEU users to check off.
FEU Mail Form Module With this module you can create a form to mail a FEU user. You can customize form and success templates and also has yes/no options for inline and wysiwyg editor.
FEUNotification Module FEU Notifier provide modification alerts from compatible modules to FrontEndUsers who have suscribed to it. You can try MC Factory for instance.
FEupload Module The FEupload module provides your Front End site visitors a convenient way to upload multiple files at once. At this moment it is limited to handle only images. It can easily be integrated in an existing form created with FormBuilder. FEupload is CMSms 2.0 and 1.11/1.12 compatible
FEU_Auth_Basic Module An addon module to FrontEndUsers to integrate with apaches basic authentication. This module is a simple example module to show how to do authentication modules for FEU.
FEU_Auth_iMIS Module Allows authenticating to a CMSMS Website using iMIS login credentials.
FEU_Auth_LDAP Module An authentication module for OpenLDAP and Active Directory, that ties into the FEU module.
Field Search Plugin You can set a content page id (or alias) and one or more (content) fields as parameter. This plugin looks in the page hierarchy upwards, if the specified (content) field(s) are not empty. From the first content page, where the field(s) are not empty, the plugin returns (in a second parameter) specified fields.
File Link Plugin Adds a hyperlink on any kind of file in your upload directory. By automatically adding a common and a file type specific css class you are free to configure your css to display the hyperlink as you like. The file size will be also added to the link text.
File Listing Plugin File listing is a tag to automatically display a list of uploaded files or folders on the front end. An icon represents the file extension, and it is possible to sort by file name, size and date. Ideal for newsletters in pdf/doc formats. This plugin expands upon the original file_list plugin by adding more parameters giving greater control over how the information is displayed on the front end. Features the ability to automatically create thumbnails from PDF and video files if Imagick and FFmpeg extensions are present.
FileBackup Module This module provides an interface to backup/restore the entire CMSMS files tree using tar command included in most linux distributions. It can be used to clone a CMSMS server simply from webpage using standard modules.
filelist Plugin Returns or assigns to a smarty variable a (random) filelist, starting from a given path (relative to $config['uploads_path']). Filelist can be filesystem paths or URIs.
find_content Plugin Find the first non-empty content block in the tree starting from current page and going up to the root page.
Finnish/Suomi Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Finnish, both the core and modules. Projekti suomenkiliselle käännökselle CMS Made Simplelle core ja kaikki modulit
Flat Rate Taxes Module An addon module for use only by the Products module, this module will allow the products module to apply flat rate taxes to any and all products.
FlatRate Shipping 2 Module This module is a fork of the FRShipping module for Calguy's eCommerce-suite adding a few options and bringing the module up to date.
FlatRateShipping Module An addon that will only work with the Cart or other simpilar modules down the road, ths module will provide an interface to setup some simple weight shipping rules, and to calculate the cost of shipping a parcel based on its total weight.
FlexPaper Module Module for quickly showing a pdf in the FlexPaper swf viewer. Relies on a unix command to convert the pdf files, so may not work in all situations.
Flickr Module The Flickr module will allow you to integrate your photo albums at into you CMS Made Simple based website. More info here:
FlickrMadeSimple Module This small module helps you to show and manipulate your Flickr Galleries on your website
Fontin Module Connects apis of the major online cnd's and distributors of fonts for @font-face usage
Form Browser Module This is the counterpart to the Form Builder, which enables users and admins to browse/edit/administer saved form data. Form Builder is required.
Form Builder Module This is the next generation of Feedback Forms, which will include an API for modules to use, as well as a general structured data system. CMSMS 1.12.x and 2.x compatible
frapi Module it wil be a shell around the frapi interface and will be able to do all the REST stuff you can imagine with cmsms.
French/Français Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to French, both the core and modules. Ce projet concerne toutes les traductions de CMS Made Simple en français, autant pour les fichiers de base que pour les modules.
FreshContent Plugin This plugin checks if a content page is fresh based on its last modification date, and if so, output any HTML you want, like an icon or text, anything. It takes a page's alias and you decide also how many days a content can be considered fresh (the calculation is based on the current date). Example use: you can add the word "new!" (or an image) next to a Menu Manager item, for pages that have been recently updated. In this case you can tell FreshContent how long to keep that text or image showing, 5 days, 30 days etc.
Frontend Personal Messages Module This module provides a personal messages system for the FrontEndUsers module. Allows frontend users to send messages to each other, manage their inbox and receive notifications on new messages.