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Name Type Description
Harden Module A module providing various options to harden security of a 2.2.4+ installation of cmsms.
Hebrew / Ivrit / עברית Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Hebrew, both the core and modules. מיזם עבור תרגום הליבה של "סי-אם-אס מייד סימפל" לעברית וכן של התוספים השונים שלה.
Hebrew Translation Translation Translat to Hebrew and modify To RTL
HitCounter Module This module provides a simple hit counter for individual pages on CMSMS. It counts unique visits to the page (with a timeout) and also tracks IP addresses, and user agents. The admin can exclude user agents or IP address ranges from the counting
Holidays Plugin Calculate dates for Holidays and put them in a Smarty array. This can be used to display a list of Holidays or mark calendar days with their respective Holiday. Supports Dutch, Belgian, French, German and U.S. Holidays.
Hosted Video Albums Module Manages albums of videos that can be hosted on sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Google & Yahoo Videos or MySpace. Also manages videos hosted on your own site (avi, mkv, divx, mov, wmv, flv, ogg). Videos can be embedded one by page, or shown in paged list or in fancybox mode.
Hungarian/Magyar Translation Tisztelt CMSMS kedvelő! Kérlek segíts nekünk, hogy a magyar fordítások naprakészek legyenek. Csatlakozz hozzánk. Elérhetőségünket megtalálod itt, vagy látogass el a oldalra. Előre is köszönjük! SPétör