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Name Type Description
QR Code Plugin Prints QR Code square image representing different kinds of data, using Google Chart APIs. Generate a QR Code image that contains the URL of the current page (or a different one); Call a phone number; Send an E-mail message; Send a SMS message; Import a contact information vCard or meCard; Config a WiFi network; and so on…
QR Image Plugin QR Image plugin is using Google Charts API for generating QR codes from specified URL. Generated QR Codes are saved in a folder for better caching and less URL requests from other domains. Optionally you can also use base64 encoded images (watch out for IE family in this case). Since Version 1.3 you are able to generate QR Code containing not only URL but also text, vCard, meCard, Telephone or Email information. With action='custom' you are also able to use it in combination with other Plugins or UDT's for example vcard Plugin For more Information please read Help text.
QRCodeMadeSimple Module This module provide a way to have a QrCode into your site.
Quality Assurance Team Other Run tests, report bugs, track bugs resolution, run regression tests to ensure a perfect quality of CMSMS. Project mostly used in the forge for test assignments in tracker. To test CMSMS core, and optionally also modules.
Questions Module A simple module to allow questions to be posted to an authorized admin, and once answered they're posted on the front page. Provides for pagination, categories, and email notification (to the admin) of new questions.
Questions2 Module Fork of Module: Questions - a simple Questions & Answer module for CMSMS 2.0
Quick Links Module Quickly add links to your website
Quickpay Gateway Module This is a fork of the CGQuickPay-module, updating the module to the latest API-version and new platform used by the Danish QuickPay-provider.
quizzard Module Quizzard is a simple quiz making/taking module.
Quotes Made Simple (Reloaded) Module A common Quote-system, allowing several kinds of sources unifying into a flexible quote system. Inspirated and fully compatible with the original "Quotes Made Simple". Take version 1.0.x if you have a cmsmadesimple version 1.11.x and take version 1.1.x if you have a cmsmadesimple version 2.x
Quotes(MS) Module Quotes Made Simple, a common quote system, allowing several kinds of sources unifying into a flexible quote system. CMSMS 1.12.2 and 2.x compatible.