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Name Type Description
M&C Framework Module This module contains some helper classes that provide a basic ORM to fast develop modules. It is also the foundation of some modules like IP2Config and the new M&C Factory.
MaaniCharts Module Using as base for preparing charts, this module allows you to prepare charts on all the data available within CMSMS and outside of it. For a list of available charts that are for sale, see the shop of Duketown. More info via
MailDelay Other To provide delayed sending of mails and control over when a mail can be sent earliest, frequency of mails etc. Very easy to tap into as API are identical to CMSMailer/cmsms2-mailer
Make Me Accessible Module With this extension you can make your site accessible thank to the WGAA rules of W3C
MAMS Directory Module This module allows creating directories from the MAMS users database, and viewing various summary and detail reports. Fork of CGUserDirectory to be used with MAMS
ManyBaskets Module An e-commerce module for my e-commerce suite that will allow creating and managing multiple 'gift baskets' for corporate purchases, christmas shopping etc. This module will integrate with the Products module, and replace Cart .
Markdown Module Markdown to provide a WYSIWYG and a markdown Parser.
Markdown Parser Module In a first time this project will allow you to transform Markdown text into HTML. This module will be also used in the WIKI and in the FORGE (v2). You have the choice between 3 different engine to process the Markdown, you can call the function inside a template : {$var|markdown} or inside your module : Parser::process($text). Be aware that the language Markdown is not securized against XSS vulnerability, so you shouldn't process data sended by untrusted people. But "in case of", i've implemented some protections inside the module to allow you doing that... yes i know :) All the informations can be found on Github :
Marketing Module This particular module is geared towards automotive industry and collects DOB and basic vehicle information. You'll need to set up either a cron task or possibly in the future I'll set up the pseud cron to send out the daily email. Compatible with 1.9x and higher CMSMS versions.
Marquee Plugin This plugin provides a <marquee> like tag. Just insert this: {marquee text=" Created with CMS Made Simple "} inside a page or a template. Replace the "text" parameters value with your own text and that's it! See help after installation for other parameters. Especially, you can link your marquee to a page by its alias. Tested on IE8-9, FF4-11, Chrome11-18.
MAS_Disqus Module This is a new version of the original Disqus Module. (Original by the user bess: This one has translations! Simple Wrapper for the system Allows you to include beautiful comments into your CmsMadeSimple. See it in action below. Example1: Disqus, comment, comments, feedback, CGBlog, PressRoom, guestbook, kommentarer
maths Module maths content from v to xii and BS maths
Matomo Module To allow viewing of gathered statistic data from a matomo-server (can be selfhosted) directly within the Cmsms-administration.
MBVFaq Module Displays questions and their answers. May be configured to show a single question, a single category of questions, all questions (by category), questions which match (or do not match) a specified wildcard pattern or regular expression. Categories may be assigned to an authorized admin user. This is a derivative of the 2005 MBVFaq module by Martin Vestergaard, with extensive updates, and compatible with CMSMS up to 1.11.
MC Factory Module MC Factory is a module generator made for non-developers and developers. You can generate a new module with custom fields without any knowledge of PHP or MySQL. It include many features like custom fields, pretty urls, upgradability, compatibility with the ModuleXtender and it's relationship feature. Even if you are a developer, you should give it a try ! :-) FLASH: For those who updated to 3.4.18, there was a big bug with the filters. Please update to the 3.4.20 ASAP (Sorry)
MC Media Module This project bring the support of multiple files and images fields to MCFactory with Multi uploads functionnality. It also features a cool on the fly Thumbnailing system compatible with external files (if they are in /uploads/ folder)
MediaDeploy Module Manage image sizes and other options
Members Area Module This is a module for cmsms that allows creation and management of a members area. i.e: Users that have access to your site, and may need to log in for some reason or another, but have no access to administer the site.
Members Area Registration Module This companion module to Members Area allows users to register themselves, and provides administrators with the ability to manage the registration process.
Membership Module This module is used in combination with SelfRegistration to offer advanced FEU group membership. Frontend users can track and change their memberships after they created their account with SelfRegistration. When a user is (about) to expire, the Membership module sends a notification to restart the procedure.
Menu Manager Module Project to separate menu generation from display logic using templates.
Messages Module Gestion des messages(emails) à vos adhérents
Meta Max Module This module is intended to make adding additional OpenGraph, Dublin Core and standard meta tags along with Google Analytics really simple. It also has the ability to specify descriptions and keywords and used in conjunction with SitemapMadeSimple gives you a good SEO base. It can also be used to generate Doctype and Head tags, replacing the entire head of your document simplifying the inclusion of tags like Apple meta tags and X-UA-Compatible tags.
MetaMadeSimple Documentation MetaMadeSimple is a STATIC HTML File, which doesn't need any database operation, permissions or installation etc. MetaMadeSimple is Compatible with all versions of CMS Made Simple either 1.x or 2.x series.
MicroGal Plugin MicroGal adds a simple gallery on your page with support for the Fancybox lightbox and possibility of creation of KML files (geotagged pictures only). KML files can be shown using my gMapsKML plugin.
MicroTiny Module A new stab at making a minimum footprint wysiwyg editor out of the tinymce core. Including no (non-essential) plugins and only behaving "well" and simple. Note: MicroTiny is shipped with the CMSMS Core. Unless there are important bug fixes relating only to MicroTiny you may not see any releases here.
Minify Module Minify is a PHP5 app that helps you follow several of Yahoo!'s Rules for High Performance Web Sites. It combines multiple CSS or Javascript files, removes unnecessary whitespace and comments, and serves them with gzip encoding and optimal client-side cache headers.
Minimum Price Handling Module A handling module for the CGEcommerce suite that allows charging a handling charge for orders that do not meet a minimum (before shipping and handling) total.
MLSubscriptions Module Mailing List Subscriptions module allows you to put a form allowing to subscribe to and/or unsubscribe from a mailing list anywhere in your webpage. When a visitor fills in the form, this module generates a subscribe or unsubscribe e-mail message and sends it off to a defined robot address. If the mailing list requires more than just the initial (un)subscribe message to process user's request, the user themselves will have to proceed from this point. Most likely, in such case they will receive an email with easy instructions to follow. Basically, this module is a convenient way to avoid bothering users with "sending an empty message to address xxx" or introducing them to those ugly pages that Mailman generates. :)
mobiledetect Plugin Mobiledetect is a Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple System using Mobile_Detect PHP Class written by Serban Ghita. For more information about Mobile_Detect class you can visit and if you feel there is some detection missing, find a bug or would like to contribute to Mobile_Detect project, you can find it on Github. Description from Mobile_Detect project: "Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment."