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Name Type Description
Sagepay Gateway Module Checkout using the Sagepay gateway system with the CGEcommerce suite of modules.
Sagepay2 Module This module is used by the Orders module to complete purchases using Sagepay. Works with CGEcommerce suite of modules.
Salesforce/FEU Integration Module Allows a new user in FEU to be uploaded into It allows for mapping FEU fields to salesforce API fields.
Same Country Tax Module This module allows users to add tax to orders created in the CGEcommerce suite only when the billing country is the same as that in the module preferences. Tax is removed from sales to all other countries. Should be useful in places such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK that have GST or VAT for in-country sales only.
sbFlickrPortefolio Module Flickr portefolio. Display photos using tags from your photostream. Easy to use. Fully skinable using css.
SCoupons Other Coupon module for e-commerce applications SimpleShop and SimpleCart.
ScriptDeploy Module SPEED YOUR SITE UP !! • Output dynamic javascript files and css WITH smarty... • Set the files to use a subdomain… • cached… • minified… • CSS Validation… • Did I mention you can use SMARTYs!!! Replacement for {stylesheet}. !!! - Simple, flexible!!
Search module Core Managing search plugins, easiest way for use, watching on searched words on page...
Section Image Plugin This plugin allows you to add an image to your site that displays according to the site section.
Sections Module This module allows you to create "sections" like Global Content Blocks but you have the opportunity to define the display conditions. You can select the pages on which section will be displayed and specify the amount of days in which block will be visible.
Secure file download Plugin This tag and extra download script obfuscates a link to a file which you would like to protect from unauthorized download. It only provides real security, if used in conjunction with the FrontendUsers module.
SecureLogin Module Module secures login process with ip-whitelist. When user is logging in module will check if his/hers ip is in the whitelist. If not, user will get an email with link, which adds user's ip in the list after click. Helps especially if user lost his credentials, attacker will not be able to login because of ip check. Running out of time currently, so if you have time and motivation to improve this module I'm more than happy to take some help!
Self Registration Module This module allows front end users to register themselves, and provides administrators with the ability to managage the registration process.
Seminar module Module Seminar module is for keeping track and displaying of information relating to scientific seminars and allows for downloads for programs and full details to be added as well.
Seminarplan Module Like the Callender or Kalender modul but it is posible to add private dates and let other users set private dates to. With the Object modul it is possible to manage many rooms inside the Seminarplan.Pleasy give feedback.
Send Email Module This project provides just a single Admin page that has fields "to", "from", "subject" and "message" which are then passed to the servers php mail funtion to send an email Future enhancements may include a contacts list to make sending email easier.
Sendeplan Event Manager Module Sendeplan - in English "schedule" - is a module to manage and display a nice little list of events, for example shows, and filter the displayed events.
SEO Tools Module SEO Tools provides the following options: automatically generate and insert META tags in the most important formats (Standard META, Dublin Core and OpenGraph) | alerts when things happen on your page that might adversely affect your rankings | semi-automatic keyword generator and SEO page titles | creation and upload of sitemap.xml and robots.txt based on your site settings | and many more
SEOBoost Module Provides functionality to improve the Search Engine Optimisation your website. Currently includes: dynamic generation of sitemaps for supported modules (pages, News, Products & LISE Instances), plus robots.txt & News RSS feed. Can also provide Google Analytics code, a set of Company Info that is all then available in smarty, links for sharing page content for links to related social media pages and a set of Metadata. More to come.
SEOTools2 Module This is a fork of the SEOTools module that had some issues with CMSMS 1.10+. Major differences are 'under the hood' so the UI will be familiar to those who've used SEOTools in the past. The module enables easy admin of keywords, meta descriptions, sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
Serbian/srpski prevod Translation This project aims to deliver Serbian translation of CMS Made Simple, translated files will contain core and modules translations. Ovaj Projekt je posvećen prevodu CMS Made Simple-a i određenih modula na Srpski jezik.
Server Clock Plugin Plugin to print out a dynamic JS clock that shows the current time of your webserver.
Server time Plugin Just prints out the server time and a JavaScript to display server time dynamically, with option to add custom text in front of the time
Servermanager Module The Servermanager is a module for viewing and managing game servers and voice servers. The module is using an API for many servers expandable and it is possible to add various libaries. Furthermore, templates can be defined for each issue. The Server Manager can cache data in order to optimize load times. Currently the following interfaces and features are available: • Display of Half-Life 2 servers • Display of a "Top 10" for HLstatsX Community Edition database
Servicedesk Module Servicedesk adminstration to allow customers to login via FEU and report an incident. This can be followed up via the back end. Includes incident logging, updating, mail being send, notes per incident. Additional features (like more detail on front end and graphs in back end) can be bought via
SFacebook Module Simple module to add Facebook fan page account to page and template with custom size and preference option. (This is Beta version 0.1 release) - Comment and suggestion recommended for further development. Features: - Set custom height/width - Show numbers of friends - Enable/Disable stream - Provides 'like' button *custom CSS on upcoming release
ShareItPop Module Share button with pop-up window like AddThis service but on Your own Demo available at
Shootbox Made Simple Module This module provide an ajax shoutbox. Example here : .
Shop Made Simple Module Shop Made Simple, the ecommerce module for smaller sites. It allows entering products (images/attributes) withing categories. Use module CartMS to sell. Documentation via Extended functionality if module Inventory Management installed.
Shotbot Module Let you generate thumbnails (also named ascreen) of a website this a simple URL. Must be used within another module (or in a UDT) See the help : This module is an implementation for shotbot's API. More information about shotbot's API :