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Name Type Description
Japanese/日本語 Translation Japanese translation of CMS and included modules
jB_Simple Admin Theme Other jB_Simple is an Admin Theme
jmbreadcrumbs Plugin This is a modded version of the original breadcrumbs tag with additional functionality. It allows defining a starting level as the menu tag. Additionally, there is an option to render the class with increments for each block: <... class="breadcrumbs1">, <... class="breadcrumbs2">, ..., <... class="breadcrumbsn"><span...>... and so on. Also meant to be used with Babel multi language solution, by giving a start_level parameter which should be set to 1 to hide the odd link at the begining of the breadcrumbs. (Note: CMSMS has changed the breadcrumps system, making it part of MenuManager, thus way more versatile than it was when I released this. This plugin will became obsolete and will not be updated anymore)
JMDownMan Module Module for managing frontend downloads from admin panel. It has category management, automatic thumbnail generation, and other features, including the ability to restrict access by FEU or by mail. JMDownMan currently supports both branches of CMSMS (1 and 2). This module is a fork of the Download Manager which is currently not being actively maintained.
JMFilePicker Module This module provides a filepicker to module developers as well as web designers. This is a fork of GBfilePicker which looks like is not being actively maintained any longer. Module developers can use a built in API to create filepicker inputs. It is also compatible to the {content_module} tag to provide its functions to the "edit page panel". It supports both branches of CMSMS (1 and 2) and works with LISE as well.
JM_BBCEditor Module A BBCode editor to be used with modules who need a FEU HTML text area with a BBCode helper Toolbar. It makes possible for input formatting but doesn't allow any HTML. Front End only. Companion of JM_Forum and JM_NBBCode. If JM_NBBCode module is not installed, uses it's built-in basic parser. Although not a WYSIWYG editor it has an AJAX preview function.
jm_feu_user_props Plugin This tag retrieves properties from FEU Module. The idea is to be able to retrieve an array filled with properties, and use them anywere needed in a template or content block. One of the objectives was to be able to give my FE users the ability to have a small page of their own, accessible through an unique URL they could give to their potencial visitors: (<group>/<user>.html) Good to give your FE users a page of their own!
JM_Forum Module A fork of Forum Made Simple, updated to CMSMS 1.10.x and CMSMS 2.x. Forum integrated in CMSMS with most of the basics of boards functionality. Has rudimentary BBCode parsing, emoticons palette, post attachments, moderation, users and ip banning, report a post features. Avatars, signatures and other more advanced features are possible with FrontendUsers (required), SelfRegistration, FEUBulkMailer, FEU_PMs, and JM_NBBCode. With some smarty template skills and good knowledge of CMSMS capabilities it can rival other forum scripts with the added bonus of being fully integrated in CMSMS.
JM_NBBCode Module A BBCode parser with a comprehensive API for other modules. Provides an API for modules to be able to use BBCode using NBBCode Open Source Lib ( Registers a Smarty modifier you can use in your content. It will also provide some template functionality through a tag (up-coming release).
JQuery Module This module allows you to load jQuery in the front end. It alloaws to manage jQuery plugins as well.
JQuery File Upload Module The best JQuery file upload tool for the best Cms. Specially designed for front-end. Easily integrated and highly configurable even with FEU. Feel Free to fork it on my GitHub's page This module is based on the project jQuery-File-Upload. More information on
JQueryPlot Module The module allows you to view charts in the back end. The charts are based upon jQuery plugin jqplot. You can either buy charts via the shop of Duketown or build charts your self. Duketown encourages you to participate in making charts available. You will be paid for the charts that you deliver/are sold. See for charts
JQueryTools Module A cooperative project between Nuno Costa and myself, this project should provide numerous tools that are easy to use in CMS Made Simple admin and frontend templates, and allow for greater javascrypty dynamic functionality. This module is in no way related to the JQueryTools javascript library.
JSAvailability Module Manage availability of ListIt items. For more information see