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Name Type Description
warehouse_taxes Module A Tax module that works in conjunction with the Products and Cart modules to calculate taxes for a product based on the state the warhouse is in, and the state the customer is in.
Watermark for images Plugin Add "watermark" protection over image. Watermark work only with images PNG, JPG, GIF (non animated). You can by options: - backup original images in subfolder with htaccess protection; - position of watermark
Weather Module Displays the current conditions from the XML feeds available at Allows you to pass in any of the airport codes and it will display basic weather infromation.
WebInstaller Other Will be a single php-file which can be uploaded to a site together with core tar.gz files, translation-tar.gz's etc. and tries to handle the unpacking the files setting permissions if possible and redirecting to CMSMS-installer. Future versions may include actual download of distribution as well
webp_image Plugin This Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple 2.x converts an image to a webp format. Supports cache. Speed up your website with a modern image format. Usage: <img src="{webp_image src="uploads/simplex/images/cmsmadesimple-logo.png" quality="85"}" width="227" height="59"/> You can use a relative and absolute url (path) to the image in the src parameter. For Gallery: <a class="group" href="{webp_image src=$image->file}" title="{$image->comment}" rel="prettyPhoto[{$galleryid}]"><img src="{webp_image src=$image->thumb}" alt="{$image->titlename}" /></a>
webvideo Plugin A simple tag that can embed a movie or playlist on your page from youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafe, google, dailymotion, and any other source that supports url parameters. Useful when you don't need a full blown media manager and you want to maintain valid xhtml.
Welsh Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Welsh, both the core and modules. Cymraeg, y Gymraeg
WHOIS TOOL TAG Plugin The tag whois is a little form that helps all users to know if a particular domain is available. This TAG shows if a domain is already taken or not. The extensions supported are: eu, it, com, net, org, name, biz, info, nl, be, de;
Widgets Module Provides content blocks that can be easily shown across multiple pages. Each 'Widget' can be created/edited once, and added to multiple pages. Includes a drag-n-drop selection of available Widgets within content pages. Each Widget includes an optional heading and a simple option for linking to other content pages. Examples of use: Widgets that can be optionally placed in the sidebar or bottom of content pages. Inspired by: Global Content Blocks, LISE, ECB and CGExtensions.
wiki Module A small wiki implementation for CmsMadeSimple with different options Learn more on everything :
Wordpress Blog Post Display Plugin A plugin to query a Wordpress database and post blog entries on a page within CMSMS. NOTE: this plugin will only work if your Wordpress installation uses the same database as your CMSMS installation and your Wordpress tables use the standard "wp_" prefix.
Workflow Control Core When an editor makes a change to the website this will be stored as a revision, and not published until authorised by an administrator. After a user edit a page, the option will no longer be "Submit", instead it will be "Sumbit for Approval". The user will need to enter the email address of an authorised administrator, and may also enter special notes relating to the change. The selected administrator will then recieve an email advised them of the page which has been modified and awaiting approval. The user can preview the revision using the Archiver system and if they are happy with it they will activate that particular revision which will ONLY then make the change live. Features: -Changes can only be approved by and administrator. -Even an administrator must follow the Workflow process, i.e an admin cannot simply go in an edit a page - they MUST ask an admin (even themselves) to approve first. - Rollback to an unlimited number of previous revisions(thanks to the archiver module.) -Editors cannot activate new pages, although they create them and request activation via and administrator. -
WP to CGBlog Converter Other The script is easy to use: Just edit the WPtoCGBlog.php and provide the required data which (line 34 - 54). Once uploaded the file just call it in your browser one time(!). Otherwise you'll have double posts.