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Name Type Description
CGSocialBlaster Module This module allows other modules to submit posts to facebook, or twitter or other social networks from the admin interface of CMSMS. It is used by CGBlog if available to allow sharing blog posts via twitter and facebook.
CGStaticMaps Module A simple module to generate static map images using googles static map API
CGTiny Module Extendable URL shortening tool for CMSMS Supports, tinyurl, and others.
cgtweet Module CGTweet is a module for reading from, and writing to twitter. It is capable of tweeting messages for any Frontend user, and displaying a simple timeline for a user account.
CGUserDirectory Module A replacement for the overly-simple UserDirectory module and FEU Listing plugin. this module will allow creating directories from the frontend users database, and viewing various summary and detail reports. It will support (in the style of News and CompanyDirectory) multiple database templates, optional search integration, and various other features.
CGWebPush Module A simple module to allow sending web-push notifications via the admin panel from CMSMS to specific FEU groups.
CG_RSS_Reader Module A heavily modified and trimmed down fork of RSSSimplePie by Zdeno Kuzmany this module works only with CMSMS 2.x and takes advantage of the DesignManager and newer versions of CGExtensions.
CG_WP2CGBlog Module A simple module to copy wordpress blog posts, categories, images, and other information into CGBlog and other modules. This module is not a complete import of all wordpress data, and not a one button-press solution. But it will allow copying most of the data into CGBlog and much of the images.
ChartsMadeSimple Module A standalone api-style module to allow other modules to easily hook into the API and get access to nicely formatted charts. Will start off as a seperation of the Chart-part of the Statistics-module, but will (hopefully and in time) include an API versatile enough for all kinds of modules to use it.
Chat Made Simple Module Chat Made Simple will provide a simple, but customizable online chat system, easily integrated into a CMSms-based site.
Chirps Plugin Prints tweets from a specified Twitter account in their simplest form. Upload the file to your plugins folder, then view details in Admin > Extensions > Tags
Classified Ads Module The module is intended to be used for several markets at once (passed as a parameter (see below) but managed from one spot. Module page can simply be iframed into other CMSs or systems or it can stand on its own in a CMSMS installation. All user registrations are built into this module, it won't use the FE users modules. Payment options are still being decided.
Classifieds Module Let Front End Users post classified ads to your site.
CM Ticket Sales Module New products in a hierarchy in the Products module are generated automatically when a new event is created in CGCalendar that has customfields beginning with the name 'Ticket: '. The products can then be used as normal in the CG Ecommerce suite.
CMS End User Document Documentation An Open Office Document (that can then be converted into PDF or whatever) to provide your end customers with a document that guides through an illustrated process how end users can manage their own content
CMS Forge Other This is the software that is running the dev forge right now. Self hosting... neat, huh?
CMS Forms Module This module helps developers to manipulate forms more easily. For examples, you can check out the internals of CMS Users or M&C Factory.
CMS Foundation Module This module include Foundation CSS Framework in your template and add a responsive menu. You just have to insert {CMSFoundation} in your head template
CMS Made Christmas Module We wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
CMS Made Simple Core Core This is the core of the CMS Made Simple content management system.
CMS Made Simple Website A project with tasks and tracker for the official CMSMS website.
CMS Translation Project Manager Module A simple module to manage the project list for the CMSMS Translation Center
CMS Users Module This module allows you to handle frontend users. You can then have protected content, make them register to newsletters, or make them fill forms with compatible modules.
CMSExcel Module You can use this module to export datas from your module to Excel files. It use the great PHPExcel library for it.
CMSMailer Module A Simple module (maybe include it in the core) that allows module writers the ability to send emails from within their modules. This module has no front end user interface and is designed only to be used with other modules.
CMSMakeFaster Module SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITE ! Minify js and css file Combine js and css file Compress your page with gzip Optimize speed with htaccess ** The Admin page doesn't work actually, but it will in the next release **
CMSMonolog Module CMSMonolog This project embeds Monolog CMS Made Simple. From the Monolog website: Monolog sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services. See the complete list of handlers below. Special handlers allow you to build advanced logging strategies. This library implements the PSR-3 interface that you can type-hint against in your own libraries to keep a maximum of interoperability. You can also use it in your applications to make sure you can always use another compatible logger at a later time. For support, please submit an issue for assistance.
CMSMS CLI Other A simple command line script to allow performing simple, common administrative tasks on a CMSMS website via the linux shell. This is a CMSMS Core Project". Maintained and managed by the CMSMS Dev team. It may, or may not be distributed with the CMSMS Primary Package.
CMSMS Docs Other A place to keep the source for all CMSMS Documentation (stuff that isn't in the wiki etc).
CMSMS For Dreamweaver Module This extension should be use with the CMSMS4DW made for Dreamweaver. With it you can import and edit tag, Template and stylesheet directly in the editor of Dreamweaver and export it when you've done.