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Name Type Description
iCal Module Creates an iCal file.. Let a user add an event in to their own calendar... use with smarty fields or make one at a time... Compatible and tested with:Outlook 2000,2003,2007,Lightning 0.9 (for Thunderbird),Sunbird
icaldump This is a little script to dump the current calendar in iCal / ics format, suitable for external calendars such as Google Calendar, Windows Calendar or Apple iCal. NO RELEASES YET
iCalendar Plugin Purpose of this tag is to generate a simple iCalendar (.ics) file on your page, giving your visitors a possibility to import an important event to their Calendar (for example Outlook). This Tag can be handy for example in combination with CGCalendar module.
Icelandic translation Translation Here is the icelandic translation in progress.
iCMSUser Other This project is no longer supported.
iDealDC Module iDeal payments for payments in the Netherlands
Image Compressor Module Lossless image compression of all images uploaded to the Image Manager to improve website performance using the • Requirement: PHP setup allows accessing remote URLs using fopen.
Image randomize Plugin Simple but usefull Image random plugin by touchdesign.
Image Rotator A TAG which you can use in your pages, this allows you to rotate a set of images in a specific folder which can be defined.
Image rotator Makes rotate images or thumbnails of a directory. Delay time is a parameter. In IE there is a transition fade parameter.
Image Text Module Module for inserting a dynamic image created from text. To use it, the web server needs GD: and Font Type 1 library from Powered by
imageBattle Module This module will allow users to choose from two images giving one image a higher rating than the other. It will calculate the number of wins and loses for each image and display those images to the other users.
ImageList Plugin This plugin reads a directory (named as the current page alias) and gives back a list with image tags of the images in the directory. You can define the sort order, a link for the image tag, a zoom option, or if the plugin should look in the parent page alias for images (if no images for this page were found).
IndexFollow Plugin This CMSMS IndexFollow plugin lets a user add the meta robots tag to their pages and change individual page's settings in no time. Includes HD Video Tutorial !!! This plugin will allow you to control very easily every page individually vie the Extra1 field <meta name="robots" content="index,follow"> <meta name ="GOOGLEBOT" content="index,follow"> <meta name="revisit-after" content="14 days">
Indonesian Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Indonesian/Bahasa, both the core and modules. Proyek ini adalah untuk menterjemahkan CMS Made Simple ke dalam bahasa Indonesia, baik untuk aplikasi utamanya maupun modul-modulnya.
InlineEdit Module TouchInlineEdit (InlineEdit) a powerfull frontend inline editor module, with integrated plugin system for multiple editors and optional FrontendUsers support. Screenshot, Screencast and details:
Inscriptions Module Gestion des incriptions à différents événements
InstaFeed Module A customizable module to display a feed of Instagram images with hashtag search. Includes ability to cache, deny users, templating and much more.
InterComm Module Provides an internal message system to allow admins to write notes to each other. Other features like common todo-lists etc are planned as well
Internal Page 301 Redirect Plugin The {redirect_page_301} plugin will redirect internal pages while sending a Permanently Moved 301 Redirect. It is an alternative to the the core plugin, {redirect_page} which sends a Temporarily Moved 302 Redirect. It is also a replacement for the Internal Page Link content type which is not a true redirection. ** Not Tested with 2.0
Internationalization Module This module provide many tools to build a multilingual websites like string translations, localization informations and libraries, flags, language selection and retain of user choice
Inventory Management Module This module works in close relationship with modules Shop Made Simple and Cart Made Simple. Products/items are taken from Shop MS. Sales transactions are coming in from Cart MS.
IP to Country Module This modules do IP 2 Country translation. It is based on the MaxMind free database but can also use the paid version of it or any other source if formatted in a certain CSV file.
IPLock Module Well, let's face it. Sometimes, you might be confronted to a sore loser, who, having found the location of your admin folder, will try to find a login and a password to hack your website. A sore loser, or an evil fellow, I guess. IPLock work this way : if someone fails too many times to log in your website, his IP adress will be added to a ban list. Even if he eventually finds a proper login/password pair, well : he's not ever gonna know, because as his IP is banned, he won't be able to log in.
IPLock2 Module A fork of the CMSMS module IPLock. It protects the admin panel from brute-force attacks.
Italian/Italiano Translation This project is for any translations of CMS Made Simple to Italian, both the core and modules. Questo progetto concerne sulle traduzioni di CMS Made Simple in italiano, sia per il progetto di base "core" che per i moduli.