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Name Type Description
CMSExcel Module You can use this module to export datas from your module to Excel files. It use the great PHPExcel library for it.
CMSMailer Module A Simple module (maybe include it in the core) that allows module writers the ability to send emails from within their modules. This module has no front end user interface and is designed only to be used with other modules.
CMSMakeFaster Module SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITE ! Minify js and css file Combine js and css file Compress your page with gzip Optimize speed with htaccess ** The Admin page doesn't work actually, but it will in the next release **
CMSMonolog Module CMSMonolog This project embeds Monolog CMS Made Simple. From the Monolog website: Monolog sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services. See the complete list of handlers below. Special handlers allow you to build advanced logging strategies. This library implements the PSR-3 interface that you can type-hint against in your own libraries to keep a maximum of interoperability. You can also use it in your applications to make sure you can always use another compatible logger at a later time. For support, please submit an issue for assistance.
CMSMS CLI Other A simple command line script to allow performing simple, common administrative tasks on a CMSMS website via the linux shell. This is a CMSMS Core Project". Maintained and managed by the CMSMS Dev team.
CMSMS Docs Other A place to keep the source for all CMSMS Documentation (stuff that isn't in the wiki etc).
CMSMS For Dreamweaver Module This extension should be use with the CMSMS4DW made for Dreamweaver. With it you can import and edit tag, Template and stylesheet directly in the editor of Dreamweaver and export it when you've done.
CMSMS Phar Based Installer Core A new installer for CMSMS that distributes the entire package as a .phar based archive allowing users to upload (and verify), and browse to one single file to install CMSMS.
CMSMSExt Module A set of addon utilities and conveniences for writing CMS Made simple modules. Primarily this module contains a new class (derived from CMSModule) to act as a base class for modules.
CMSMSForFirebug Other This will be a debug tool extension for firefox's firebug
cmsms_forge2_server Module The REST Server for the new forge2 project a gift from Bess.
CMSSimplePie Module SimplePie RSS/feeds Parser (this project will be updated very soon "2011" )
CMSTouch Module <h3>Sorry, this module is discontinued for now.</h3> Cmstouch module is an attempt to support that cmsms can change the templates virtually according to the user agent. I will gradually add all my ideas that I had at the beginning of the design idea.
cms_selflink Other A translation project for cms_selflink
cms_tasks Translation A translation project for the 'core' this project will have translation keys for the CMS core task classes.
coalesce Plugin Returns the left-most parameter (excluding "assign") value that is not empty.
CodeMangler Module A module to postprocess the rendered (X)HTML-code in different ways. Scrambling the code or perfectly indenting it will be among the possibilities.
CodeMirror syntax editing Module And implementation of the CodeMirror syntaxhighlighting system, which seems more well-maintained than editarea and much more than codepress
Combi Stylesheet Plugin Make your pages load faster by combining, compressing (gzip) and cacheing stylesheet and javascript files on the fly. This is a CMSmadesimple implementation of Niels Leenheer's combine.php script [] with some advancements. Not only increasing speed, but also substitutes the {static_stylesheet} tag I've used since I work with CMSms. (PlugIn is PHP4 compatible)
Commandes Module Boutique pour association
Company Directory Module Displays a list of companies for your website. It has support for logos, images, and some support for custom fields.
Compositions Module Ce module vous aide à réaliser vos compositions d'équipes , envoie des notofications par emails aux joueurs et gère le brulage
Config Made Simple Documentation This project contains different versions of the files config.php and .htaccess. For example there is one version for developers, where the config.php has some changes to include a live- and a development server and some extra fields and the server host name and paths are configured automatically. Additionally there is another version of the .htaccess with some security- and speed options.
ContactCard Module ContactCard adds your personal contact information, logos and social media accounts into a smarty tag.
Contains Modifier Plugin A Smarty modifier to find a string inside of a string easily. Originally posted at the Smarty Forum by user JasonDS. See, Upload into your /plugins/ directory. Notes: Not Tested in CMS Made Simple 2.0 Also, it is better to use PHP inside of a User Defined Tag or preg_match directly in your template. For example, {if preg_match('/(StringA|StringB|"And String C")/i', $VariableToSearch)} //assign a var or do something here {/if}
Content Aliases Module This module adds the "Content Alias" content type to CMSMS. This lets you use content in multiple areas in your site and/or apply a different template to content.
Content Dump Plug-in Plugin The tag aims at providing flexibility to smaller & medium sites and their developers by providing selectable content with enriched meta-data via smarty. Use the data to build automatic teasers, blogs, feeds or anything else just with content pages. The recently added support for a prefix-handling, searching and hierarchy-selection provides an extra portion of flexibility. /// Make sure to read the wiki-page at Plug-in working with 1.9.x
Content Toggle (expand/collapse) Plugin Enables content to be expandable and collapsable, It creates a div ("block") witch can collapse and expand by pressing the bar, it uses JQuery. The toggle bar can be adjusting using CSS.
Cookie Consent Management Solution Plugin Our market leading Cookie Consent Solution enables you to implement Cookie Banner on the website in a few clicks. Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PECR, DSGVO, PIPEDA and LGPD. A global leader in Cookie Consent with offices in the UK, USA, Germany and France.
CookieCuttr Module A simple and dirty module that enables you to configure the CookieCuttr jQuery plugin from a simple admin control panel, whilst at the same time enabling you to include it in the template with only a single smarty tag.