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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
8208 cms_index_module_templates_by_module_name_template_name too long in utf8 2012-08-03 Minor 1.11 Accepted Open Robert Campbell Jos Groot Lipman
8428 Installing Orders through Module Manager without dependencies already installed lead to several errors 2012-09-22 Minor None Open Nobody Fernando Morgado
8544 64kB size limitation for a page content 2012-10-19 Minor 2.1 None Open Nobody Michal Bursa
8918 Smarty block plugin won't be cached 2013-02-08 Minor 1,11,4 None Open Nobody
9169 CMS DB update scripts do not fail when they should. 2013-04-18 Minor None Open Nobody
9640 content_image does not work when both block and id parameters are given 2013-11-02 Minor 1.11.9 None Open Nobody Martijn de Milliano
9958 Cannot delete template associated to internal page link 2014-04-16 Minor 1.11.10 Accepted Open Nobody Steven Mortimer
10326 Admin ajax requests failing on https 2014-12-06 Major 1.11.11 Fixed Open Nobody Wim Godden
10468 custom content types cannot be namespaced 2015-03-27 None None Open Nobody Robert Campbell
10500 session security check incomplete 2015-04-23 Minor 1.11.13 None Open Nobody Fred Polizo
10519 /admin/style.php has incorrect $CMS_ADMIN_PAGE variable set 2015-05-09 Trivial 1.12 Fixed Open Nobody Leon Trappett
10574 Can't set string 'default' for default value in method.install.php. 2015-07-03 Minor 1.12 Accepted Open Nobody Karelin
10676 Account info link missing part of url 2015-10-02 Minor 1.12 None Open Nobody Tristan
10857 cms_stylesheet writeCache update 2016-01-25 Minor 2.1.1 Fixed Open Nobody Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
10880 Content block must not be mandatory in template 2016-02-08 Minor v2.1.2 Fixed Open Nobody Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
10910 content and content_module order incorrect admin page 2016-02-23 Minor v2.1.2 Fixed Open Nobody Chris Taylor
10911 'Use Admin Search' permission not being used in 2.1.2 2016-02-23 Trivial v2.1.2 Fixed Open Nobody Chris Taylor
10947 inability to regenerate alias in content 2016-03-22 Minor 2.1.1 Fixed Open Nobody Martin Malý
10980 UninstallPreMessage function of modules seems to be ignored 2016-04-17 Trivial 2.1.3 Fixed Open Nobody Ruud van der Velden
10990 exporting/importing designs breaks links 2016-04-24 Minor v2.1.2 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11006 ModuleManager does not update CMS Nav and its "Installed" tab 2016-05-02 Minor 2.1.1 Fixed Open Nobody Eduardo Martinez
11011 Installer adds dummy index.html files everywhere 2016-05-04 Major 2.1.3 Fixed Open Nobody Tristan
11018 External URL's not editable for non-admin users 2016-05-06 None 2.1.3 Fixed Open Nobody Peter Tindemans
11021 block replacement does not allow to "overwrite" a content block 2016-05-08 Major 2.1.3 Accepted Open Nobody Ludger Merkens
11031 My Account > Default Parent Page doesn't work 2016-05-17 Minor 2.1.3 Fixed Open Nobody Peter Tindemans