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Name Type Description
CGContentUtils Module Provide various utilities for working with content pages. Starting with import and export capabilities... later expanding into a bulk structure creation mechanism... maybe using ajax, etc.
CGEcommerceBase Module Provides a base platform for all E-commerce modules.
CGExtensions Module A set of addon utilities and conveniences for writing CMS Made simple modules. Primarily this module contains a new class (derived from CMSModule) to act as a base class for modules.
CGFavs Module A favorites manager that is not tied to FEU... particularly useful with Facebook.
CGFBApp Module A toolkit for creating facebook applications from CMSMS Websites, and for integrating your website with Facebook.
CGFBPost Module This module works with CGSocialBlaster and CGNotifier to allow posting messages on an applications wall AS the application.
CGFeedback Module This module will essentially be a combination of the rate-this, and comments module. It will allow users to rate an item, as well as to leave feedback. It will support all my usual niceties, like pretty urls, search integration, multiple templates, etc. Also, it will work with pages, or any other module, allowing for the review of news articles, products, etc.
CGFeedFactory Module This is a small utility module that provides smarty plugins to allow creating RSS Feeds from data within your CMS Made Simple powered website.
CGFeedMaker Module A module to allow generation of numerous RSS feeds with the output of other modules.
CGFEURegister Module A module to allow users to register themselves with your FEU site.
CGFEUTwillio2FA Module This is a sample module demonstrating writing authentication modules for FrontEndusers v3.0 This module uses twillio (a paid service) to send authentication codes via sms messages to users when they login. Users must enter the authentication code into the website to complete the login process.
CGFEUTwitterAuth Module A companion module to FrontEndusers v3.0+ this module allows users to authenticate themselves to your website using a twitter account.
CGFlatRateShipping Module A new shipping module for Calguy's ecommerce package this module allows calculating shipping by the defining destination zones and expressions for pricing rates.
CGGoogleMaps Module Yet another google maps module..... this one is built in the 'Calguy' style.... with full support for translation and using addresses instead of lat/long.
CGGoogleMaps2 Module This module provides a convenient and simple way to integrate one or more maps into your website. Flexible icon support, easy extendability, and flexible methods for adding markers. This module provides for tooltips, and customizable infowindows. As well, Directions are supported. markers can be added via smarty calls, can be added statically and associated with the map, or can be retrieved via ajax (with a bit of javascript).
CGHeadMaster Module A module for manipulating and managing the head portion of your HTML page. Add, and remove tags... include and exclude meta tags by group... including opengraph and twitter meta tags.
CGHTML2PDF Module This module provides the ability for CMSMS modules to easily generate PDF output. It uses the mPdf library to support a significant subset of HTML5 and css3 selectors. This makes it easy to transform a great deal of HTML content into easily viewable PDF output. This module does not have any frontend interface of its own. It is intended to be used by other modules. This module relies on and extends the report generation functionality of CGExtensions
CGJobMgr Other A module for processing long tasks
CGLoginSecurity Module A simple module that enhances FEU and Selfreg to prevent certain types of hacking attempts. i.e: repeated logins from the same IP address, or repeated registrations from the same IP address.
CGMagicUpload Module A module that will allow using ajax/jquery mechanisms for uploading multiple files to be attached to a single form submission. It will use an ajax/hidden-iframe method to upload each file individually (like Gmail does) to a temporary location, and then move the files to a permanent location once the form has been submitted. It will provide cleanup mechanisms, and the ability to handle multiple simultaneous requests to the same form. This module is not designed to be used on its own, but called (like the captcha module is) from within another module's php code.
CGMessageQueue Module A simple module to allow asynchronous processing of small tasks. This module is intended for module/app developers to do things in the background that may take a few seconds, but do not require the user to wait for them. I.e: sending mails in the background, doing image transformations, importing data from csv, generating reports, etc. This is not a module for handling large tasks that need to be divided into chunks, and where progress needs to be monitoried... but for simple asynchronous tasks.
CGml Module A simple module to aide in translation of static-like text for forms, and reports.
CGmlGUI Module A web based editor for managing and editing CGml Translations
CGMyOrders Module A simple module to allow a site visitor to review their past orders on your ecommerce site.
CGNotifier Other A module for use by other modules to facilitate sending messages via different mechanisms by email or to social networks. Administrators, or users can create a profile as to how/when/where notifications should be sent, and then sending modules can just send messages. This module is used by other modules to do things like create facebook posts to a users wall, or twitter messages, or emails when things happen on the website. This module requires various gateway modules such as CGTWeet, CGFBPost, or CGFBApp.
CGPaymentGatewayBase Module A base module (just stubs) for developing other payment gateways.
CGProductBuilder Module This module allows a customer to dynamically select options for a complex product, similar to dynamic car building, or PC building sites. Users select a single option for each of a series of pre-selected option groups for a product. At the end the completed specification can be sent to an administrator, or printed to PDF.
CGQuickPay Module Payment gateway for Calguys Ecommerce suite to interface with the danish quickpay provider.
CGRapLeaf Module A module to interface with API
CGSharedContent Module A simple utility that provides the ability to create WYSIWYG blocks that can be re-used on multiple page templates.