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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
64 Smarty tag for popup input calendar 2005-11-16 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Daniel Westergren
432 Link to support page in installer 2006-03-06 Accepted Open Alberto Benati Robert Campbell
776 Localizing permissions 2006-06-25 Fixed Open Nobody Andreas Just
869 Collapse/expand on the Reorder pages page? 2006-07-30 Accepted Open Nobody Daniel Westergren
1132 Breadcrumbs for modules 2006-11-07 Accepted Open Robert Campbell Nils Brauneberger
2399 Upload from zipped module XML 2008-07-08 Accepted Open Nobody Marc Geldon
3125 Add proxy support for automatic updates 2009-03-07 Accepted Open Robert Campbell Rick Beton
4153 Create Admin Log entry when CMSMS version is updated 2009-10-07 Accepted Open Robert Campbell Tahd McGinnis
4281 Port more of the Page option to Page Defaults 2009-11-05 Accepted Open Nobody Jeremy Bass
4492 Ability to configure administrative password parameters 2010-01-04 Accepted Open Nobody Tahd McGinnis
4564 Content image item-list 2010-02-02 Accepted Open Nobody Peter Tindemans
5389 Force user to change password on login 2010-09-07 Accepted Open Nobody Tahd McGinnis
5621 Add plugins to Module Manager? 2010-11-08 Accepted Open Nobody Goran Ilic
5842 Disabling/Enabling of "Forgot Password Recovery" function 2010-12-14 Accepted Open Ted Kulp tigran
5924 Fire an event prior to ContentPostRender 2011-01-03 Fixed Open Nobody Sofia Hauschildt
5965 Global Languagestrings 2011-01-09 Accepted Open Nobody Rolf
6210 Move "Page URL" from "Options" tab to "Main" tab 2011-03-05 Fixed Open Nobody Daniel Griscom
6546 https access via a separate IP address 2011-06-03 None Open Nobody Scott Griffin
7895 group permissions header 2012-04-27 Accepted Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
8747 Using relative-protocol URL's for root_url 2012-12-13 Fixed Open Nobody Tomáš Havlas
8869 Would be nice if you can style the site down message like a real static webpage 2013-01-27 None Open Robert Campbell andre Gravesteyn
8881 cms_stylesheet ability to create named groups of combined stylesheets: via name suffix etc 2013-01-31 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Jonathan Parker
9552 Support of Namespace in modules libraries 2013-09-23 Fixed Open Nobody Jean-Christophe Cuvelier
9601 Custom messages in login 2013-10-17 None Open Nobody Joni Hasanen
9617 Add a lifetime option to the Smarty->isCached function 2013-10-23 None Open Nobody Jean-Christophe Cuvelier