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[#1132] Breadcrumbs for modules

Created By: Nils Brauneberger (nils73)
Date Submitted: 2006-11-07 11:32

Assigned To: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)
Resolution: Accepted
State: Open
Breadcrumbs for modules
Detailed Description:
It would be great if modules could append to existing breadcrumb. There have
been various requests on the forum for this and I miss it in a lot of features.
Also ATAG/WCAG related topic.


Date: 2006-12-27 14:51
Posted By: Elijah Lofgren (elijahlofgren)

Increasing priority and assigning to myself. This would be cool to do sometime.
Date: 2016-04-07 10:56
Posted By: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)

I know it's an old post... and we kept this around for a reason.
I think now that this is best done with a different type of navigation module.
A third party module that allows building navigations dynamically as the page
renders, and as smarty processes various templates.

I already have a proof of concept for this (for CMSMS 2.2).  That I entitled
It allows me to:
a:  include pages into the navigation like normal. (duh)
b:  build multiple navigations (i.e: it could be just a normal navigation, a
sidebar nav, or a breadcrumb).
c:  add various items hand build to a navigation.
i.e:  I can add a single news entery, or all of the news entries that match
a criteria)
d:  links to any module action
e:  hardcoded links
... the list goes on ...
All done from one or more templates.

The only secret is... you have to be smart about your templates and make sure
your navigations are rendered AFTER they are built.
Date: 2016-05-10 14:40
Posted By: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)

And with the change in 2.2 to do mact preprocessing before we do page rendering
this is even more powerful.

I can create my navigation inside my module action template... and render it in
my page template.

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