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[#9659] Checksum lookups in Module Manager

Created By: Adam Koontz (ak-designworks)
Date Submitted: 2013-11-08 12:54

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Resolution: None
State: Open
Checksum lookups in Module Manager
Detailed Description:
There are times when a custom modification to a module needs to be made for some
sites due to customization needs and/or to urgently repair bugs in the module
before they become part of the next module revision. It would be nice to
integrate a checksum lookup on the module level within the Module Manager plugin
so that it can clearly notify the administrator that the current version of the
module does not match the checksum. When the administrator looks to the
Available Upgrades tab, it could tell the admin that the currently installed
version of the module did not match the checksum, and that upgrading may
overwrite any changes. This would be really helpful for admins that manage a
number of sites because it can become difficult to keep straight which modules
for which sites are customized.