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Name Type Description
GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud Module GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin lets you embed different types of documents and images into your website and then invite your colleagues and clients to view and annotate them online, without the need to install any document editors or browser plugins. While modern document editors have built-in tools for annotating documents through comments and tracking changes, the conventional way of working on documents has become too slow and bulky for today’s business pace. New cloud services such as GroupDocs.Annotation streamline this process and offer new and more efficient ways of collaborating with your team. No need to install any document editors. While it may still be okay to ask your team members to install the same piece of software to work on documents and images together, you don’t want to force your clients to do the same if they need just to review and annotate a PDF document, for example. Rather than offering them to find and install a PDF annotation tool, you can invite them to do this on your website with a usual web browser without any special plugins. No compatibility issues. Even if your team members already have document and image editors for other tasks, they may prefer different types of software, which may cause compatibility problems. With GroupDocs.Annotation you can be sure that your colleagues and partners will see your document exactly the way you see it on your computer. Real-time collaboration. Instead of waiting for an e-mail from each of your team members with their feedback on a document, you can invite them to annotate it on your website in real time. This can make a difference if you have a close deadline and need to get feedback and approval instantly. Absolutely mobile. Now you don’t need to check your e-mail, then download the attached document and open it in a specific program to be able to view and annotate it. GroupDocs.Annotation will allow you to do this on any mobile device while you are on the go. Different types of documents and images supported. GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin allows you to annotate PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, word-processing documents, PowerPoint presentations and image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) online.
GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud Module Create business specific documents online by embedding GroupDocs.Assembly questionnaires into a web site. You can then share the questionnaires with colleagues or clients. They complete the questionnaires and GroupDocs.Assembly creates a new document that looks like the original but contains user-entered data.
GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud Module GroupDocs' document comparison tool offers great value to professionals working in different industry verticals. Save time on finding errors or differences in documents manually. Upload two files to your GroupDocs account and run the comparison tool to check the differences. It helps overcome version issues and stay current. Additions or deletions are highlighted with blue and red lines for easy recognition. Embed the document link to Modx sites and invite colleagues to view the changes. Merge two versions of a Word document and save as a single file with the track change feature enabled. Increase productivity, multi-task, and protect documents from unauthorized use with GroupDocs.Comparison. For more information on GroupDocs' document comparison tool, please visit our website:
GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud Module GroupDocs.Signature promotes a paperless environment. Avoid printing, or faxing documents. Just create a signature form from your GroupDocs account and embed it into your CMSMS website. Invite partners to sign documents online. Different signature options are available (draw, scan, or upload) to support different user groups. Instant notifications confirms completion of task and avoid confusion. GroupDocs.Signature is safe and secure as all your documents are encrypted!. Please note: to use this web part, you need to sign up to GroupDocs' online signature service first. Once signed up, you need to get a special ID for a Signature form. Find out how to get the ID. Also, see how to create a Signature form.
GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Module This module integrates the .NET version of the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer into CMSMS. Once installed, you'll be able to easily embed and display over 50 types of documents and images on any page within your CMSMS website. Supported document formats include PDF and Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, OpenDocument files, CAD and raster images. Among the key benefits of the GroupDocs.Viewer are: 1. HTML5-based native text rendering. Documents are rendered as a combination of HTML, CSS and SVG. This ensures fonts look sharp and the embedded documents retain the original layout. 2. Website visitors don't have to install any 3rd party software or plugins - documents can be viewed from any HTML5-compliant browser. 3. Native text rendering allows users to select/copy text right from documents embedded to a web-page. 4. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library comes with a convenient UI that can be embedded to a web-page along with documents. The UI allows users to conveniently navigate multi-page documents in a browser. In particular, users can turn document pages like slides, preview them with thumbnails, jump straight to a specified page, search for text within documents, print and download the original file. 5. Finally, unlike the cloud on-demand service, the .NET version of the viewer allows you to host documents locally, using your own infrastructure. Note: before installing, please note that this module requires the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library to be installed on your server. A free evaluation copy of the library can be downloaded from GroupDocs' website:
GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud Module GroupDocs.Viewer is an online document viewer that lets you read documents in your browser, regardless of whether you have the software that they were created in. You can view many types to word processing documents (DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT), presentations (PPT, PPTX), spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX), portable files (PDF), and image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF). For each file, you get a high-fidelity rendering, showing the document just as it would if you opened it in the software it was created in. Layout and formatting is retained and you see an exact copy of the original.
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Module With this module, you can integrate GroupDocs.Viewer for Java into CMSMS. The viewer allows you to embed and display 50+ types of documents and images on any page within your website. To name a few, supported file formats include: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, OpenDocument, CAD and raster images. Key features and benefits include: 1. GroupDocs' Java document viewer has two modes for displaying documents: image-based and HTML5-based. The first rasterizes documents and renders text in a separate layer over the document. In the HTML5-based rendering mode, the viewer converts documents to a combination of HTML + CSS and SVG images. Each method provide natives text rendering, so that users can select/copy text right from documents embedded to a web-page. This also ensures fonts look sharp even when resizing documents live on a web-page. 2. The viewer is platform-independent. It allows users to view documents from any web-enabled device, be it a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android. It doesn't require any 3rd party installations too - documents can be viewed from any modern web-browser. There is no need to install Adobe Reader to view PDF documents, for example. 3. GroupDocs.Viewer for Java has a user-friendly interface that can be embedded to any page within your website along with documents. The UI provides your website visitors with tools necessary for convenient browsing of large documents on a web-page. Users can turn pages like slides, preview them with thumbnails, jump to a specified page, search for text within documents, print and download documents, etc. Please note: this module requires the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library to be installed on your server. Please download a free evaluation copy of the library from the GroupDocs website:
Guestbook Module With the Guestbook module you give visitors the ability to leave a message, for example how they like the website. This Module does not work with cms 1.11 for now. Please visit my blog to see what changes will be done to the guestbook and news what will be available soon.
Harden Module A module providing various options to harden security of a 2.2.4+ installation of cmsms.
HitCounter Module This module provides a simple hit counter for individual pages on CMSMS. It counts unique visits to the page (with a timeout) and also tracks IP addresses, and user agents. The admin can exclude user agents or IP address ranges from the counting
Hosted Video Albums Module Manages albums of videos that can be hosted on sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Google & Yahoo Videos or MySpace. Also manages videos hosted on your own site (avi, mkv, divx, mov, wmv, flv, ogg). Videos can be embedded one by page, or shown in paged list or in fancybox mode.
iCal Module Creates an iCal file.. Let a user add an event in to their own calendar... use with smarty fields or make one at a time... Compatible and tested with:Outlook 2000,2003,2007,Lightning 0.9 (for Thunderbird),Sunbird
iDealDC Module iDeal payments for payments in the Netherlands
Image Compressor Module Lossless image compression of all images uploaded to the Image Manager to improve website performance using the • Requirement: PHP setup allows accessing remote URLs using fopen.
Image Text Module Module for inserting a dynamic image created from text. To use it, the web server needs GD: and Font Type 1 library from Powered by
imageBattle Module This module will allow users to choose from two images giving one image a higher rating than the other. It will calculate the number of wins and loses for each image and display those images to the other users.
InlineEdit Module TouchInlineEdit (InlineEdit) a powerfull frontend inline editor module, with integrated plugin system for multiple editors and optional FrontendUsers support. Screenshot, Screencast and details:
InstaFeed Module A customizable module to display a feed of Instagram images with hashtag search. Includes ability to cache, deny users, templating and much more.
InterComm Module Provides an internal message system to allow admins to write notes to each other. Other features like common todo-lists etc are planned as well
Internationalization Module This module provide many tools to build a multilingual websites like string translations, localization informations and libraries, flags, language selection and retain of user choice
Inventory Management Module This module works in close relationship with modules Shop Made Simple and Cart Made Simple. Products/items are taken from Shop MS. Sales transactions are coming in from Cart MS.
IP to Country Module This modules do IP 2 Country translation. It is based on the MaxMind free database but can also use the paid version of it or any other source if formatted in a certain CSV file.
IPLock Module Well, let's face it. Sometimes, you might be confronted to a sore loser, who, having found the location of your admin folder, will try to find a login and a password to hack your website. A sore loser, or an evil fellow, I guess. IPLock work this way : if someone fails too many times to log in your website, his IP adress will be added to a ban list. Even if he eventually finds a proper login/password pair, well : he's not ever gonna know, because as his IP is banned, he won't be able to log in.
JMDownMan Module Module for managing frontend downloads from admin panel. It has category management, automatic thumbnail generation, and other features, including the ability to restrict access by FEU or by mail. JMDownMan currently supports both branches of CMSMS (1 and 2). This module is a fork of the Download Manager which is currently not being actively maintained.
JMFilePicker Module This module provides a filepicker to module developers as well as web designers. This is a fork of GBfilePicker which looks like is not being actively maintained any longer. Module developers can use a built in API to create filepicker inputs. It is also compatible to the {content_module} tag to provide its functions to the "edit page panel". It supports both branches of CMSMS (1 and 2) and works with LISE as well.
JM_BBCEditor Module A BBCode editor to be used with modules who need a FEU HTML text area with a BBCode helper Toolbar. It makes possible for input formatting but doesn't allow any HTML. Front End only. Companion of JM_Forum and JM_NBBCode. If JM_NBBCode module is not installed, uses it's built-in basic parser. Although not a WYSIWYG editor it has an AJAX preview function.
JM_Forum Module A fork of Forum Made Simple, updated to CMSMS 1.10.x and CMSMS 2.x. Forum integrated in CMSMS with most of the basics of boards functionality. Has rudimentary BBCode parsing, emoticons palette, post attachments, moderation, users and ip banning, report a post features. Avatars, signatures and other more advanced features are possible with FrontendUsers (required), SelfRegistration, FEUBulkMailer, FEU_PMs, and JM_NBBCode. With some smarty template skills and good knowledge of CMSMS capabilities it can rival other forum scripts with the added bonus of being fully integrated in CMSMS.
JM_NBBCode Module A BBCode parser with a comprehensive API for other modules. Provides an API for modules to be able to use BBCode using NBBCode Open Source Lib ( Registers a Smarty modifier you can use in your content. It will also provide some template functionality through a tag (up-coming release).
JQuery Module This module allows you to load jQuery in the front end. It alloaws to manage jQuery plugins as well.
JQuery File Upload Module The best JQuery file upload tool for the best Cms. Specially designed for front-end. Easily integrated and highly configurable even with FEU. Feel Free to fork it on my GitHub's page This module is based on the project jQuery-File-Upload. More information on