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Name Type Description
Paiements Module Gestion des paiements des adhérents de votre asso, commandes, cotisations,etc...
Paul Module This module is a light poll system to create simple polls on website
PayboxGateway Module Paybox payment Gateway module for the E-commerce suite (like PaypalGateway)
Payment Made Simple Module Payment modules for online shop and e-commerce applications. Build with Cart Made Simple and Shop Made Simple in mind (documentation via
PayPalButtonMaker Module PayPalButtonMaker manages PayPal buttons. It can handle buttons internally; One button can handle limitless products. Secure using time based sha1 encryption; Use Smarty fields to have PayPal access in most mods ie: products, cataloger, Shop Made Simple, Form Builder ect; Fire UTD's, URL’s or plug-ins... Simple, flexible!
PaypalGateway Module Gateway module for using Paypal with the Orders module.
Paysera - payment gateway Module ( is a leading online payment provider in the Baltic region. Using this system you may accept payments via more than 20 different online payment types, including e-banking systems in the Baltics, Great Britain, Germany and Poland, international payments in euros all over the world. It is safe, fast and reliable payment collection system for everyone, who wants to sell or buy goods and services online. No monthly, registration or connection fees; Easy to use; Customer support center works seven days a week from 8AM to 8PM (EET); Real time payments processing; Low cost services. To use this plugin, register at and create your project. You will get your project id, which should be written in this plugin settings.
PDF Generator Module A PDF generation module. Create a PDF on-the-fly from your (module)page content and let the visitor save it at his/her computer.
PHPOffice Module A wrappermodule for the phpoffice library allowing reading and writing of (ms-)office files
Picasa Browser Module Allows users to browse through their Picasa Web Albums on their CMS Made Simple site. Photos are stored at Picasa and loaded when requested.
PicoSearch Module PicoSearch is an external indexation engine that support pages & documents indexation. More info on
Piwik Web Analytics Module Integrate Piwik Open Source Web Analytics to your CMS Made Simple website. This module can auto-include the Piwik tracking code and provide you a dashboard with detailed reports on your website visitors; the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages, and much more. Piwik is a free software alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 320,000 websites. Check
Pixlr image editor Module Provides integration between the image-archive of cmsms and the online image editor allowing for advanced image editing and automatic saving back into your cmsms-folder.
Planyo online reservation system Module Planyo is a commission-free flexible online reservation system for any kind of resources such as hotels, holiday apartments, yacht rentals, driving schools, tennis courts, doctor appointments, events etc. Planyo is available in 20 languages and helps you manage your clients' bookings by handling all email communication with the clients, allowing various booking confirmation mechanisms, handling payments (also online credit card payments), printing invoices etc. This module embeds the reservation system (availability search box and the reservation form) into your site so the visitors can go through the whole process (search and reservation) without ever leaving your website. Before using this module you should create an account at Please see for admin backoffice or visitor demonstration, or for tutorial movies, pricing and more info. You can download the XML module file and get more guidance at
plFileHandler Module Provides a small and easy interface for the selection and/or upload of files (with resizing and all) that any module can call very easily. Insert a cool file selection interface in any admin form with just a few lines of code...
Polls Made Simple Module To provide an easy to use polls system, which allows a poll box to be placed on your page, polls to be created/maintained and poll results to be shown.
PostCode Lookup Module A simple module to convert postal codes into latitude and longitude calculations
Practice Portal Module This module is still under heavy development, and many things will not work. V1 is almost ready to be released, just have to test its integration with the forge and then iron out any bugs.
presence Module Un module pour savoir vos adhérents seront présents à un match, entrainement ou manifestation
PriceBasedShipping Module A shipping module for the ecommerce suite that allows calculating shipping prices based on the pre-tax order total.
Print Shop Proofer Module This is a module that supports the running the proofing/approval process for a print shop. It's posted here, with little documentation, in the hope that it will be useful as examples. It provides a system for uploading proofs, and obtaining/tracking client approvals. It depends on its sister module PrintShopManager.
ProCart Module ProCart will be a sophisticated e-Commerce solution capable of providing multiple store fronts, multiple categories per item, multiple category trees, and a whole lot more. The project will be built as a series of independent modules, with the ProCart module as the core dependency.
Products Module An alternative to the cataloger module, this module allows maintaining a product database, along with prices, images, and various other attributes. It also has 'add to cart' and 'checkout' functionality
ProductsByVendor Module This module is part of Calguy1000's Ecomerce suite for CMS Made Simple. It provides the ability for logged in members of a FrontEndUsers group to manage their own list of products, and view sale information.
promotions Module An addon module to the Orders/Products/Cart e-commerce suite to allow creating and managing promotions/sales in the order process. A sale will consist of a start date, end date, a discount or offer, and a set of conditions. Conditions can include - Coupon code - Subset of Products - by category - by hierarchy - FEU Group Membership - Order total (before shipping and taxes) Offers can be one of - percentage off of total order - $ reduced from total order - Free product Discounts will be applied in the order process and show up as a line item in the invoice.
Publications Module Allows users registered through FrontEndUsers to add, edit, delete and order a list of Scientific Publications. Has an administrative back-end and uses templates to allow complete flexibility of output.