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Name Type Description
Neo Content Operations Module A Neo-module providing some extensions to contenthandling of cmsms. Bulk create of content pages being the first useful feature.
NeoBackup Module A module providing different kind of backup-services of cmsms-sites. Will include ftp-backup, mail-backup etc. Will require the NeoModule- and NeoDataStorage-modules.
NeoBlocks Module A new approach to maintaining and presenting different blocks of main content. At first for a specific site-design, but will be built to become more versatile.
NeoDataStorage Module In the neo-spirit this module provides and extremely easy way for other modules to store data without the hazzle of creating/updating/delete tables etc. Should of course not be used for data-intensive stuff, but is much easier for non-intisive things, like maintaining a list of something which has properties. An easy API is provided and documented.... mostly I'd like to get rid of my endless "function GetThisProp($entityid,$propname)", which I've been doing for too manu module.
NeoEdit Module To provide an online editor, allowing module development on-the-road. Will support syntaxhighlight, autosave and some other stuff I make up as I go along.
NeoFileArchive Module A Neo-style module which provides admin-side filemanagement of a file archive potentially outside server-focus making file acces fully controllable through FEU or similar frontend-systems.
NeoFTP Module To provide a wrapper class for ftp-services. Initially to allow saving to the cms installation using either file-operations or ftp, whichever works.
NeoGuestBook Module A clean Neo-style guestbook-module, drawing heavily on the Neo supporting-modules, NeoModule and NeoDataStorage. It will feature multiple guestbooks, spam-control and template-handling.
NeoLinker Module A Neo-style module to maintain links organized using labels, and presented with customizable templates including optional site-previews and optional *box-popup-linking. Click-statistics will also be included.
NeoModule Module A wrapper around module-class providing easier access to neodatastorage facilities and other shortcuts I find useful for the neo-series of modules.
NeoPlayer Module To make a Neo-style media player support multiple templates, playing-backends etc.
NeoSpeedTest Module A module to provide some kind of profiling of the server the installation is running on, testing PHP-speed, MYSQL-speed, disk-access and network-bandwith.
NeoUpload Module Combining the functionalities of current ImageUpload and MultiUpload-modules, hopefully soon retiring them both, NeoGallery will offer powerful but easy ways to adminsitrate bulk uploads.
NestedAdmin Module NestedAdmin allows to embed other websites like other software's backend into a costum menu item in the CMSms backend.You can simply change the name of the module and the section where it appears (content, extensions,...). Even allows multiple use in one installation. Nice for Wordpress or Piwik, but doesn't work with GA due to their framebreaker.
News Module Module This is the News module included in the default CMSMS install.
News Slides Module Only install a summary template and his style sheet with jquery plugins. No administration is available, just news templates and css. See for more info.
Newsletter Module This module allows you to create a mailing list to CMS users and to the users of the "FrontEndUsers" module. To send mails, this module uses the module "CMSMailer".
Newsletter Made Simple Module An easy to use, administer, and support newsletter system for CMS Made Simple.
NMSTrack Module View and Click tracking for NMS messages.
Notifications Module Notifications Module is a flexible Mailing system in CMSMS backend. It sends out Email notifications on easy to setup events that are available in EventManager. Email Templates are fully customizable as well as Email Recipients or Sender. Within "Advanced" section it is possible to customize notification object with custom PHP code in the same familiar way as within UDT's.
nuSOAP Module A module that simply wraps around the nuSOAP SOAP client and server classes so that other modules can use it. This class provides no front end or admin interface.