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Name Type Description
OAuth Module This module is a proxy to the PHPoAuthLib library which allow you to use it's OAuth interface in your modules to connect to any compatible API
Ogone Payement Module Ogone is a payment service that allow many types of payment from Visa, Mastercard to local card systems. This module facilitate the gateway between Ogone and compatible e-Commerce modules.
OpenEstate PHP-Wrapper Module This module integrates OpenEstate-PHP-Export into a CMS made simple based website. You can find more about this module at
OpenID Module Integrates OpenID with CMS MS and allows users to register an OpenID, Facebook or Twitter identity and later on signing on with this identity without providing their Front End Users module username or password. Check out project wiki at for more information
OpenStreetMap Tag Module Calls OpenLayers and gives shortcode to perform basic operations: - display a map - display a map with a marker - display a map with a gpx trace - display a map with multiple markers (text layer)
Opinion System Module Wrapper for
Orders Module A simple module to work in conjunction with the Products, and the Cart modules to provide a simple interface to allow submitting orders by email. Later it could be expanded to keep track of orders, re-send emails, send reminder messages, yada yada yada
OrdersToIIF Module An addon module to the E-commerce suite to allow exporting customer, and transaction information from the Orders module into Quickbooks IIF format for later import into quickbooks.
Orm Module A delightful and powerful ORM system to improve the API of CmsMadeSimple. More information on the Github page of the project (The project is currently under heavy development, Thank you to give me your feedbacks <3 )
Outsourcer Module Module exports and auto-imports design templates, CSS, user plugins and page content from temporarily files.
OwnersManual Module A module that allows site developers to edit a page of back-end content to leave detailed site-specific instructions for the site owner (and contributors) to reference. Similar in look to the module 'help' pages. Can choose to process page through Smarty and override the module name to better suit the purpose you are using it for. Currently this module allows one page of text to be saved, but plans are in place to include user notes, multiple pages, table of contents, page hierarchy, permissions-based content etc. Oldest CMSMS version tested is 1.8.1. Requires CGExtensions 1.19.1 or newer. Wiki: