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Name Type Description
Radio Roster Module This allows a radio station to enter and maintain a database of shows and DJs online, and to construct a schedule for those shows.
Random Content Blob Module Returns a random global content blob with a certain prefix.
RBS Worldpay Module A payment gateway for my E-commerce suite that interacts with The RoyalBank of Scotland using their 'Worldpay' interface.
RD Map Module RD Map provides a flexible map for use with various map server and data sources. Using Maps and templates are reusable throughout the site, and the module works with any data source that is supported by Leaflet (
Redbubble API Module A CMS module version of my homebrew API designed to put your Redbubble products on your webpage. It allows you to pull a users collections and images inside the collections. The API terminates at the point of selecting an individual item, this will send you to the Redbubble website page for that item. More info:
Review Manager Module A fork of the CGFeedback module. Review Manager enables website visitors to provide feedback and a rating for the business, a product, page, news article etc. It supports pretty urls, search integration and multiple templates. To be released shortly ...
Reviews Module This module allows you to create a reviews/comments system with rating system on your website for various modules. Compatible with CMSUsers module.
Revisions Module Revisions logs changes in Pages, Templates, CSS and Global Content Blocks and enables the web developer to view diff or revert to an earlier version of it.
Rotating Content Module This modules allows a CMS administrator to alternate between two (or more) different sets of content with every page load. Practical uses include: * Split testing landing pages. * Offerring (and alternating) between multiple ad networks. * Offerring different contact forms to visitors, depending on their entry point. * Show-casing different products with every page reload. * Show-casing SPECIFIC products, depending on the visitor's entry point. The module also includes basic statistics (hits, unique visitors and conversions), per block of content.
RSS Aggregator Module The module will import news stories from different feeds and display them in one section.
RSS2HTML Module RSS2HTML allows one to consume and display feeds on their site. Compatible with RSS 0.9 - RSS 2.0 and Atom. Features Caching, display limits, encoding and customizable templates. Parsing based on the MagpieRSS library ( Works with 1.10.x!
RSSSimplePie Module Fork of CMSSimplePie. Some new improvements (mutiple rss), support for CMSMS 1.11.