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Name Type Description
Babel: Multilingual site Module This handles multiple languages for frontend. It uses Marcos Cruz's separate tree branches method, with a simpler setup, more freedom and some added functionalities (such as language links based on hierarchy, automatic language detection and a translation system much like that of the core).
Banckle Chat for CMS Made Simple Module Banckle Chat for CMSMS enables you to reach out to website visitors in a more effective and efficient manner. It also allows you to keep the log of your online visitors, view information of their technical as well as demographic details and even monitor real-time website traffic analytics.
Banckle Meeting for CMS Made Simple Module Banckle Meeting for CMSMS enables you to conduct meetings with your CMS Made Simple website visitors. Through Banckle Meeting, your website visitors can now register and attend online meetings as well as web conferences with just a few clicks.
Banners Module Module This module provides management of randmomly selected banners in multiple categories. Tracks, clickthrus, impressions, and expiry dates of all banners.
BBCode Tools Module BBCode Tools provides a set of BBCode-related features including a toolbar for inserting BBCode tags into a textarea element, and a small collection of parsing and output functions.
BComments Module Commentsmodule with faster Bugfixes and Improvements. Always looking for new Maintainers and Developers ! See the Github Project Site under for Source Code and the documentation ( Wiki)
BerdujImmo Module Allow you to manage Real estate announces through CMSMS
BerdujVideo Module Display your Dailymotion Videos in your CMSMS website You can manage list of videos, order and filter the list with dynamic parameter
Bibtex Module The Bibtex module allows an admin to upload a list of bibtex entries and attach a pdf file to each entry. A sortable list will be displayed in the admin panel, as well as in the user interface, e.g. as a publication list. This modul is a work in progress. A stable beta version is released and can be viewed at
Birthday Listing Module On the front end, one can show who is celabrating! Sample set of celebrity birthdays is included.
Bookmarks Module Bookmarks is a module for displaying bookmarks on your page.
BoxPacker Module A module for the CGEcommerce suite to generate packing lists from cart items/orders. Given a set of pre-defined boxes, and some other parameters this module can use optimization techniques to combine items in the fewest number of boxes based on weight and size... and can generate a packing list.
btAdminer Module btAdminer (Adminer) is a full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server. This module include this tool in CMS Made Simple for a fast management of your database.
btAdminer2 Module A fork of btAdminer. Adminer is a full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP. This module is an implementation of this tool in CMS Made Simple 2.x.
BWFAQ Module The purpose of this project is to easily manage your FAQ's. You can manage FAQ's, create categories and include the BWFAQ module on any place you want, how many times you want. Available fields: - Question - Answer - Category
BWImages Module BWImages aims to provide easy management of image scaling. It provides the ability to create a preset of image settings, i.e. folder to upload to and image size, and apply those settings to an uploaded image. Uploading and scaling an image is done in just three simple steps: 1. Select an image to upload and a preset of image settings (path to upload to and image size). 2. Crop the uploaded image with Jcrop. 3. Save the cropped image to the folder defined in the selected preset. BWImages can also be used to attach images to news articles from the News module and scale them. These features are only available if a file field has been defined in the News module.
BWMaps Module BWMaps aims to provide easy managment of a google maps with multiple addresses. Current features: Manage one or multiple addresses on a map, Override mapcenter, Override calculated coordinates manually. Planned features: Different logo/image per address, More fields like phone number and e-mail, Routes.
BWTwitter Module What does this module do? The goal of BWTwitter is to make showing tweets from different sources as easy as possible Multiple sources can be created (user profiles, hashtags, search terms) and grouped. Sources can also be called individually. How do I use it? BWTwitter can be used with the {BWTwitter} tag in every page or template. You can either show a group of sources or call sources individually. (See parameters) How does it work? By default the database with tweets is refreshed when the {BWTwitter} tag is called on a page. If a specific group or source is given as a parameter, only those sources will be refreshed to keep loading time as low as possible. You can let the database be refreshed, even when the tag is not called on a page, on the settings tab. You can also set the time that should have passed before a source is refreshed. We recommend settings this at 5 minutes (300 seconds) to keep loading time as low as possible and to not exceed the maxium amount of requests to Twitter. Users If you don't want to show tweets from a specific user you can search for the user in the users tab and deactivate the user. Tweets from this user won't be saved in the database and won't be shown if deactivated. Parameters (optional) lang="en_US" - Deprecated - Override the current language that is used for selecting translated strings. (optional) group="" - ID of the group to show tweets of. (optional) source="" - ID of the source/sources to show tweets of, seperated by commas. For example {BWTwitter source="1,3"} (optional) limit="20" - Number of tweets to show. (optional) template="Default" - Template to be used to show the tweets.