A fork of JM_Forum, which is itself a fork of Forum Made Simple, updated to use MAMS instead of FrontEndUsers. Forum integrated in CMSMS with most of the basics of boards functionality. Has rudimentary BBCode parsing, emoticons palette, post attachments, moderation, users and ip banning, report a post features. Avatars, signatures and other more advanced features are possible with MAMS, MAMSRegistration, and other modules that will extend its functionalities. With some smarty template skills and good knowledge of CMSMS capabilities it can rival other forum scripts with the added bonus of being fully integrated in CMSMS.

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Project Summary

  • Type: Module
  • Created: 2023-11-26 (3 months ago)
  • Last Release Date: None
  • Last Commit Date: 2023-11-26 (3 months ago)

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