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Name Type Description
Campaign Monitor Module Campaign Monitor is a powerfull tool to allow people to send mass mailing. Integration with CMS Made Simple allows you to send campaigns within the Admin Panel.
CanadaPostShipping Module A shipping module for Calguy's E-commerce suite allows generating shipping estimates from packing lists. Shipping estimates can be displayed in the cart, if a postal code is entered.
CanadianTaxes Module A module for Calguy's ecommerce suite that manages taxes the canaidan way.
Captcha Module Provides Captcha functionality to other modules allowing to choose between different php captcha libraries and change settings for them. Libs available: GD Captcha, HN Captcha, PEAR, PHP Captcha, reCaptcha V2 ('Im Not a Robot' type, now deprecated and the new 'Invisible reCaptcha'). Attention: different keys are required for each type of reCaptcha.
Cart Module A simple cart to tie into the products module, this module will allow users to add items to their cart, and to checkout, later it will tie into a payments module of some sort.
Cart Made Simple Module This is the shopping cart which is closely linked with the module Shop Made Simple and the module Payment Made Simple (documentation via Option is to use module Discount Coupons to allow customer to use coupon codes for discount. Even more functionality if module Inventory Management is installed.
Cart2 Module A replacement for the Cart module.
Cataloger Module This is a non-ecommerce cataloging system. It can be used for artist portfolios, product collections, or other, similar uses. As of version 1.0 it the module only supports CMSMS 2.x
CDNPickrrr Module Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to include a Library from a CDN like Google or Microsoft but just couldn't remember what the URL was? Opening yet another Browser tab, searching through your Bookmarks. This module comes to your rescue. It doesn't do much but listing all possible libraries in CMSMS backend, making it easy for you to choose and copy correct path to a library. If you find more CDN's that might be useful and would like to see these included in next releases feel free to commit to GitHub
CGActionBar Module This module provides a convenient mechanism for site administrators (typically content editors) to access common administrative tasks while browsing the the frontend of the website. It provies a floating window with numerous conveient shortcut icons to common actions.
CGBetterForms Module This is a new generation of form handling module that provides the ability for web professionals to build forms the way they know how, using HTML, CSS and javascript.. and then easily define what should happen with the data users submitted. This module can allow you to create well styled, dynamic forms, using whatever toolkit you like (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc). and integrate javascript. Then quickly define how the form data should be processed.
CGBetterUploads Module This is a module that allows application developers to work with public facing files, to allow users to upload files, and to share files with other users. This is NOT a gallery module, but a files module.
CGBFCrud Module This is a companion module to CGBetterForms allowing form submissions from CGBetterForms to be saved to the database. Administrators can then view, add, edit, and delete records for submitted forms from within the admin console. Additional features allow creating views representing subsets of the data, including accross different form submissions, importing and exporting records, and exporting the data from a view.
CGBlog Module A fork of the news module, this module will be specialized for personal blogs. It does away with the hierarchy of the News module, and adds the capability to associate an article with multiple flat categories. Also includes other features specialized for blogging.
CGCalendar Module A fork of the original Calendar project. This module handles recurring events in a different way. Has better template control, is more stable, and is easier to work with. This module is in no way compatible with the original Calendar module, and in no way should you try to convert data or templates from one to the other.
CGClientTickets Module This is a basic trouble ticketing module for CMSMS. It allows authorized administrators, or frontend users to create and respond to tickets. All new tickets, and responses to tickets are stored in the database, and an email notification is sent to the recipient to allow them to respond to the ticket on the in-site system.
CGContacts Module A CMSMS module for managing contacts. This module is designed to be used primarily by module developers and solution providers when building applications for their customers. This module has no frontend interface. This module comes with a completely documented API for use by module developers and solution providers.
CGContentUtils Module Provide various utilities for working with content pages. Starting with import and export capabilities... later expanding into a bulk structure creation mechanism... maybe using ajax, etc.
CGEcommerceBase Module Provides a base platform for all E-commerce modules.
CGExtensions Module A set of addon utilities and conveniences for writing CMS Made simple modules. Primarily this module contains a new class (derived from CMSModule) to act as a base class for modules.
CGFavs Module A favorites manager that is not tied to FEU... particularly useful with Facebook.
CGFBApp Module A toolkit for creating facebook applications from CMSMS Websites, and for integrating your website with Facebook.
CGFBPost Module This module works with CGSocialBlaster and CGNotifier to allow posting messages on an applications wall AS the application.
CGFeedback Module This module will essentially be a combination of the rate-this, and comments module. It will allow users to rate an item, as well as to leave feedback. It will support all my usual niceties, like pretty urls, search integration, multiple templates, etc. Also, it will work with pages, or any other module, allowing for the review of news articles, products, etc.
CGFeedFactory Module This is a small utility module that provides smarty plugins to allow creating RSS Feeds from data within your CMS Made Simple powered website.
CGFeedMaker Module A module to allow generation of numerous RSS feeds with the output of other modules.
CGFEURegister Module A module to allow users to register themselves with your FEU site.
CGFEUTwillio2FA Module This is a sample module demonstrating writing authentication modules for FrontEndusers v3.0 This module uses twillio (a paid service) to send authentication codes via sms messages to users when they login. Users must enter the authentication code into the website to complete the login process.
CGFEUTwitterAuth Module A companion module to FrontEndusers v3.0+ this module allows users to authenticate themselves to your website using a twitter account.
CGFlatRateShipping Module A new shipping module for Calguy's ecommerce package this module allows calculating shipping by the defining destination zones and expressions for pricing rates.