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Name Type Description
Tag Replacement Module The TagRep module is a string replacement module. It can be used to replace certain substrings (called tags) in the content HTML code before showing it on screen. Usage examples: autolinking keywords, tooltips for abbreviations, Wiki like shortcuts, ...
TagCloud Module Edition Module Inspirated by the plugin Tagcloud, this module is a faster way to display a cloud tag on your website with a lot of functionality directly editable from the backoffice and a rendering much more fast ( x40) using a cache system
Targeted Newsletters Made Simple Module This is a fork of NMS and provides similar functionality if you want a newsletter module that works with PostgreSQL or mySQL. In addition to being db agnostic, the user database can be used to capture subscriber data without needing to use a 'Front-End User' module. Sub-lists can be created easily enabling a mail out to target a specific demographic attribute e.g. gender.
Team Sport Scores Module TSS allows you to enter matches/games and their final score. It is intended for team sports and the connected website. Manual via:
TeamsResults Module This module allows you to handle your teams and their results to display in frontend
Template Externalizer Module This module allows you to use a text editor to edit templates, stylesheets, UDTs, Global Content Blocks, and some SitePrefs (Site down message, Metadata, Default Page Content, Page Metadata) ! It exports them to temporary files on the server and watches these files for modifications which are automatically imported into the database and take immediate effect.
Template Manager Module A package to replace the original template manager. It allows editing templates and associating stylesheets with templates. It also provides a stylesheet switcher.
Tennis de table Module This module allows you to easily retrieve your information and results from the french federation of table tennis (FFTT)
The new embed Module This plugin enable inclusion of any application into the CMS. This is an update of
Theme Manager Module A module to easily import and export themes (templates and stylesheets) into cms.
Themes Made Simple Module The module is an improved version of the Theme Manager. It allows you to export and import theme packages consisting of: templates, stylesheets, content pages, module templates, global content blocks, user defined tags, module settings and any files.
Time Tracker Module An addon module to FEU this module keeps track of user status, and is designed for intranet purposes to aide in calculating payable time for employees based on their login/logout status or the value of a selected property. It will provide reports and export capabilities. This is not designed as a full payroll package... but jst to assist in calculating payable hours and keeping track of employee attendance from within a CMS Made Simple based intranet.
Timeline Module Add a dynamic timeline to your website using the Simile Timeline API. ( ) Add and edit timeline events from within the CMSMS admin interface.
Tiny Module Thi smodule will help you to create tiny urls (like or or goog.le). Just enter an url, choose a name (or not) and it's ready to be used :-) Just like that !
TinyMCE Module The full-featured TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for CMS Made Simple. Allows advanced customization and profile management.
ToolBox Module This is a collection of tools for CMS made simple to do some useful things like 404 error tracking, redirect URL's (with RegExp redirect rules), HTTP header modifications, AutoLightBox, Smarty Tools, AdvancedContent Extensions and more ...
Tourney Module This module is for administering and displaying tournaments - single-elimination, double-elimination and round-robin types. It produces PDF-format bracket charts, with customisable content and styling.
Translation Panel Module The module that will eventually become the new translation center. It will also consist of a web service that will collect new translation strings from the Developer module. It's FAN-tastic!
TranslitAlias Module Replacing letters of the non-Latin alphabet to the characters of the Latin alphabet for the content page alias. When you add a new content page or edit it, the page alias is transliterated automatically. The module has not any settings. Simply install it. For CMS Made simple 2.x For modules use UDT: Copy modifier.translit.php from the directory modules/TranslitAlias to lib/plugins, if you are going to use it.
TreeManager Module For module developers only. This module allows you to build one or more nested trees for your modules for p.e. categories and hierarchies. You can add your custom fields also.
TruetypeText Module The aim of TruetypeText is to display text in various fonts on your website. You will be able to use any truetype font and to use various effects : multiple text layers, image filters, text flip, or mirror effect...
TweetMadeSimple Module This module allow user to retrieve differents timelines from Twitter and allow user & compatible modules to publish news to Twitter. EDIT: Updated to API V1.1 (finally)