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Name Type Description
FileBackup Module This module provides an interface to backup/restore the entire CMSMS files tree using tar command included in most linux distributions. It can be used to clone a CMSMS server simply from webpage using standard modules.
Flat Rate Taxes Module An addon module for use only by the Products module, this module will allow the products module to apply flat rate taxes to any and all products.
FlatRate Shipping 2 Module This module is a fork of the FRShipping module for Calguy's eCommerce-suite adding a few options and bringing the module up to date.
FlatRateShipping Module An addon that will only work with the Cart or other simpilar modules down the road, ths module will provide an interface to setup some simple weight shipping rules, and to calculate the cost of shipping a parcel based on its total weight.
FlexPaper Module Module for quickly showing a pdf in the FlexPaper swf viewer. Relies on a unix command to convert the pdf files, so may not work in all situations.
Flickr Module The Flickr module will allow you to integrate your photo albums at into you CMS Made Simple based website. More info here:
FlickrMadeSimple Module This small module helps you to show and manipulate your Flickr Galleries on your website
Fontin Module Connects apis of the major online cnd's and distributors of fonts for @font-face usage
Form Browser Module This is the counterpart to the Form Builder, which enables users and admins to browse/edit/administer saved form data. Form Builder is required.
Form Builder Module This is the next generation of Feedback Forms, which will include an API for modules to use, as well as a general structured data system. CMSMS 1.12.x and 2.x compatible
frapi Module it wil be a shell around the frapi interface and will be able to do all the REST stuff you can imagine with cmsms.
Frontend Personal Messages Module This module provides a personal messages system for the FrontEndUsers module. Allows frontend users to send messages to each other, manage their inbox and receive notifications on new messages.
Frontend Users Module This is a module for cmsms that allows creation and management of front end users. i.e: Users that have access to your site, and may need to log in for some reason or another, but have no access to administer the site.
Frontend Users Personal Messages Module This module provides a personal messages system for the FrontEndUsers module. Allows frontend users to send messages to each other, manage their inbox and receive notifications on new messages. (Note: this is an improved fork of the Frontend Personal Messages module) CMSMS 1.11.x series compatible.
FrontendUser Mailer Module This module provides backend users the ability to send very easy an email to several groups of the FrontendUsers module. For a more complex newsletter system use calguys NewsLetterMadeSimple module.
GA Made Simple by Devictio Module English : This extension is use to simply add a Google Analytics tracking code in your site. Français : Cette extension permet d'ajouter simple un code de suivi Google Analytics sur votre site.
Gallery Module The Gallery module is a fully functional and easy to use photo gallery for CMSms. It automatically shows the images of a specified directory. Subdirectories will be shown as subgalleries. It has lots of features, such as multiple image upload, automatic thumbnailing, sorting, drag&drop, the use of multiple Lightbox-like templates or any css/javascript template you like, give titles and descriptions to your galleries as well as your photos, define custom fields, pagination, pretty-urls etc. Documentation about Gallery can be found at ... Gallery is CMSms 2.x and 1.12 compatible
Gallery3 Module Simple module to display albums / images from a Gallery 3 ( installation using the REST protocol.
GBFilePicker Module Actually this is an extraction of the TinyMCE filepicker that has also been integrated in AdvancedContent module. This module provides additional input types to select files from the uploads dir using a file dropdown or a tiny filebrowser. Module developers can use a built in API to create filepicker inputs. It is also compatible to the {content_module} tag to provide its functions to the "edit page panel".
Gbook Module Guestbook module to provide your site visitors a convenient way to give some feedback on your site. Messages can include smileys and star rating. Your guestbook is effectively protected from spam without the necessity of using an annoying captcha. Documentation about Gbook can be found at ... Gbook is CMSms 2.x and 1.12 compatible
GCharts Module This module allows for the addition of Google Charts to your website.
GiftBaskets Module A 'Cart' module for the e-commerce suite, this module allows creating many different gift baskets, with different shipping addresses, and having different items in each. Makes heavy use of javascript, and session data.
Glossary / FAQ Module This allows the administrator to create a list of terms, which will appear in a paginated list. Clicking on the term will expand it to include the definition. It also allows you to turn on active term replacement across your site.
Google Calendar Module Retrieve data from Google Calendars and format using Smarty templates.
Google Custom Search Module This module allow you to perform Google Custom Search via the API and to fully customise the search results. (Business account required)
GoogleMaps Module Integrate Google Maps in your site. Set markers and create maps with GoogleMaps. Includes the usage of custom markers. EasyLocator makes it easy to prepare the correct coordinates by making use of a... Google Map to point out the location! Polylines are supported (incl im-/export). Module is based upon version 3.0 of Google Maps API.
Gridder Module Gridder is an excellent tool for any web developer/ designer that wants to easily align, match and/or lay out websites. If you need to be pixel perfect this can help... Simple, flexible!
GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Module This module integrates the .NET version of the GroupDocs document annotation library into CMSMS. Once installed, you'll be able to display over 50 types of documents and images along with an annotation widget on any page within your CMSMS website. Supported document formats include: PDF and Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, OpenDocument files, CAD and raster images. Among the key benefits of the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library are: 1. Documents embedded to your website can be viewed and annotated from any web-enabled device and using any standard web-browser. Your website visitors don’t have to install any office software or browser plugins. 2. A comprehensive set of annotation tools, including: sticky notes, rectangles, polyline, arrows, watermarks, redaction, text underline/strikethrough and ruler. 3. Several users can review and annotate the same document simultaneously, each seeing others’ comments in real time. 4. Documents annotated online on your website can then be exported to a PDF file or printed out with annotations in them. 5. Thanks to the built-in Digital Rights Management feature, you can prevent users from copying, downloading and printing the documents you share on your website. INSTALLATION: before you proceed, please be aware that this module requires the GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET library to be installed on your server. For more details on the library and to download a free evaluation copy, please visit GroupDocs website:
GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud Module GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin lets you embed different types of documents and images into your website and then invite your colleagues and clients to view and annotate them online, without the need to install any document editors or browser plugins. While modern document editors have built-in tools for annotating documents through comments and tracking changes, the conventional way of working on documents has become too slow and bulky for today’s business pace. New cloud services such as GroupDocs.Annotation streamline this process and offer new and more efficient ways of collaborating with your team. No need to install any document editors. While it may still be okay to ask your team members to install the same piece of software to work on documents and images together, you don’t want to force your clients to do the same if they need just to review and annotate a PDF document, for example. Rather than offering them to find and install a PDF annotation tool, you can invite them to do this on your website with a usual web browser without any special plugins. No compatibility issues. Even if your team members already have document and image editors for other tasks, they may prefer different types of software, which may cause compatibility problems. With GroupDocs.Annotation you can be sure that your colleagues and partners will see your document exactly the way you see it on your computer. Real-time collaboration. Instead of waiting for an e-mail from each of your team members with their feedback on a document, you can invite them to annotate it on your website in real time. This can make a difference if you have a close deadline and need to get feedback and approval instantly. Absolutely mobile. Now you don’t need to check your e-mail, then download the attached document and open it in a specific program to be able to view and annotate it. GroupDocs.Annotation will allow you to do this on any mobile device while you are on the go. Different types of documents and images supported. GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin allows you to annotate PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, word-processing documents, PowerPoint presentations and image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) online.
GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud Module Create business specific documents online by embedding GroupDocs.Assembly questionnaires into a web site. You can then share the questionnaires with colleagues or clients. They complete the questionnaires and GroupDocs.Assembly creates a new document that looks like the original but contains user-entered data.