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Name Type Description
Street View made simple Module a simple module that holds 5 parameters: Latitude, Longitude, Yaw, Pitch and Zoom. to insert a Google Street View panorama into your web page. note: this module uses google street view api version 2.x so you *will* need a api key which will need to be placed in both the final template and *also* the streetview/map/lookup.html coordinate lookup utility is included within the admin.
Stripe Gateway Module A payment gateway for the CG Ecommerce suite
StripeGate Module This module provides the capability to place, in any page content block or form-field, either: a work-alike for Stripe's checkout form with more flexible information collection, or a work-alike for Stripe's pay-button styled to match the surrounding content. Multiple stripe-accounts may be used, in either test or live mode. Any of the currencies that Stripe supports may be used.
SubsectionHeaders Module The code for this module is a lightly modified mashup of the core "section header" content type and the Content Aliases module (as a lightweight example of how to create/clone a content type without hacking the core). So thanks to those devs. After installing the module, you will have a new section header content type available called "Subsection Header". First you must import the menu or menus you are using in your template into the database via the menu manager. Then, also in menu manager, in your newly imported menu template, duplicate and subsequently alter the duplicated sectionheader related smarty and html by adding "sub" in front of "sectionheader". Then use it the same way you would use the section header content type and style it differently in your style sheet(assuming that's the functionality you were seeking).
Support Tickets Module This is a basic trouble ticketing module for CMSMS. It allows authorized administrators, or frontend users to create and respond to tickets. All new tickets, and responses to tickets are stored in the database, and an email notification is sent to the recipient to allow them to respond to the ticket on the in-site system.
SystemCron Module Edit cron jobs via cmsms.