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Name Type Description
Minimum Price Handling Module A handling module for the CGEcommerce suite that allows charging a handling charge for orders that do not meet a minimum (before shipping and handling) total.
MLSubscriptions Module Mailing List Subscriptions module allows you to put a form allowing to subscribe to and/or unsubscribe from a mailing list anywhere in your webpage. When a visitor fills in the form, this module generates a subscribe or unsubscribe e-mail message and sends it off to a defined robot address. If the mailing list requires more than just the initial (un)subscribe message to process user's request, the user themselves will have to proceed from this point. Most likely, in such case they will receive an email with easy instructions to follow. Basically, this module is a convenient way to avoid bothering users with "sending an empty message to address xxx" or introducing them to those ugly pages that Mailman generates. :)
MoceanSMS Module To use this module, you need to own an MoceanAPI account. Don't have any? Try for FREE now. 20 trial SMS credits will be given upon registration. Additional SMS credits can be requested and is subject to approval by MoceanAPI. Registration Link:
Module Generator Module Create your own module. The best of from News, Products, ListIt, MCFactory. Sortable items, advanced mode,categories with hierarchy, custom fields for items, categories and images. Gallery with multiple upload and many more.
Module Xtender Module This module extend compatibles modules to give them more stuffs like a categories/pages relation system, multiple documents and images uploads for a single module item, etc.
MovedPages DISCONTINUED! Module USE ToolBox ( Instead of just giving a 404 error for pages that don't exist, you can give a 301 redirect to the new location of the page or a 410 gone if you have permanently removed the page.
MultiDomains Module English: This module enables CMSms to manage mutiple domains within one installation. Each domain can be assigned to an seperate page-tree. The module has an included debug log and support for an development server. An it has some statistics included (to count the visits at the different domains). Note: This module works only if mod_rewrite is enabled. It needs some changes in config.php and maybe in .htaccess. -------------------------------- German: Dieses Modul ermöglicht die Verwendung mehrerer Domains in einer CMSms Installation. Jede Domain kann dabei einem separaten Seitenbaum zugewiesen werden. Auch ein kleines Debug Log und eine Unterstützung für Entwicklungsserver ist integriert. Auch eine kleine Statistik-Funktion ist integriert, um die Zugriffe auf die verschiedenen Domains zu zählen. Note: Dieses Modul arbeitet nur mit eingeschaltetem mod_rewrite. Es benötigt Änderungen an der config.php und eventuell an der .htaccess. Deutsche Projektseite:
Multilanguage CMS Module Simple MLE solution for CMS Made Simple without hacking core code. Contains switch beetwen language ({MleCMS action="langs"}), Mle Blocks, Mle Snippets, Mle Translator and many more.. Installation guide: or
Mutli Domains for CMSMS Module Solution for use CMSMS for multiple domains. Easy setup and manage domains. Only for ministes, becouse CMSMS api does not permit change config root url.
My Favorites Module A module that allows front-end users to mark certain records of other modules as their 'favorites' for later retrieval and sharing with others. This module will also allow users to email their favorites to another email address.
MysqlDump Module Interface for the 'mysqldump' backup tool. It can be used to dump the CMSMS database for backup or for transferring the data to another server.
MysqlDump2 Module A fork of the MysqlDump module. Interface for the 'mysqldump' backup tool. It can be used to dump and restore the CMSMS database.
Neo Content Operations Module A Neo-module providing some extensions to contenthandling of cmsms. Bulk create of content pages being the first useful feature.
NeoBackup Module A module providing different kind of backup-services of cmsms-sites. Will include ftp-backup, mail-backup etc. Will require the NeoModule- and NeoDataStorage-modules.
NeoBlocks Module A new approach to maintaining and presenting different blocks of main content. At first for a specific site-design, but will be built to become more versatile.
NeoDataStorage Module In the neo-spirit this module provides and extremely easy way for other modules to store data without the hazzle of creating/updating/delete tables etc. Should of course not be used for data-intensive stuff, but is much easier for non-intisive things, like maintaining a list of something which has properties. An easy API is provided and documented.... mostly I'd like to get rid of my endless "function GetThisProp($entityid,$propname)", which I've been doing for too manu module.
NeoEdit Module To provide an online editor, allowing module development on-the-road. Will support syntaxhighlight, autosave and some other stuff I make up as I go along.
NeoFileArchive Module A Neo-style module which provides admin-side filemanagement of a file archive potentially outside server-focus making file acces fully controllable through FEU or similar frontend-systems.
NeoFTP Module To provide a wrapper class for ftp-services. Initially to allow saving to the cms installation using either file-operations or ftp, whichever works.
NeoGuestBook Module A clean Neo-style guestbook-module, drawing heavily on the Neo supporting-modules, NeoModule and NeoDataStorage. It will feature multiple guestbooks, spam-control and template-handling.
NeoLinker Module A Neo-style module to maintain links organized using labels, and presented with customizable templates including optional site-previews and optional *box-popup-linking. Click-statistics will also be included.
NeoModule Module A wrapper around module-class providing easier access to neodatastorage facilities and other shortcuts I find useful for the neo-series of modules.
NeoPlayer Module To make a Neo-style media player support multiple templates, playing-backends etc.
NeoSpeedTest Module A module to provide some kind of profiling of the server the installation is running on, testing PHP-speed, MYSQL-speed, disk-access and network-bandwith.
NeoUpload Module Combining the functionalities of current ImageUpload and MultiUpload-modules, hopefully soon retiring them both, NeoGallery will offer powerful but easy ways to adminsitrate bulk uploads.
NestedAdmin Module NestedAdmin allows to embed other websites like other software's backend into a costum menu item in the CMSms backend.You can simply change the name of the module and the section where it appears (content, extensions,...). Even allows multiple use in one installation. Nice for Wordpress or Piwik, but doesn't work with GA due to their framebreaker.
News Module Module This is the News module included in the default CMSMS install.
News Slides Module Only install a summary template and his style sheet with jquery plugins. No administration is available, just news templates and css. See for more info.
Newsletter Module This module allows you to create a mailing list to CMS users and to the users of the "FrontEndUsers" module. To send mails, this module uses the module "CMSMailer".
Newsletter Made Simple Module An easy to use, administer, and support newsletter system for CMS Made Simple.