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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12596 Bug when adjusting or new field 2023-01-20 Critical 1.2 None Open Nobody Paul van der Putten
12595 Hacks for get FileUpload field working with PHP8 2023-01-17 Minor 1.2 None Open Fernando Morgado Chris Taylor
12590 formbuilder results are not received php 8 2022-12-20 Major 1.2 None Open Nobody T Leenstra
12439 Allow overwriting uploaded file "on" by default 2021-04-12 Minor 1.1.1 None Open Nobody Franck
12417 CSS class for Check Box not being applied to input tag 2021-02-16 Minor 1.1 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Christine Collen
12416 CSS class for Radio Button Group not being applied to input tag 2021-02-16 Minor 1.1 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Christine Collen
12377 Form auto alias generation not as expected 2020-10-26 Trivial 1.1 Accepted Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
12327 Require a response for this Field ignored on first Text Input (Multiple) field of two linked fields. 2020-06-22 Trivial 1.0.2 None Open Nobody Tristan
12319 existing forms can't be extended with new fields 2020-06-03 Major 1.0.2 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Ludger Merkens
12255 "Mail from" is unset when using smtp to send a copy of the form back to person submitting form 2020-01-30 Major 1.0.2 None Open Nobody
12049 Form values not sent as parameters in core Events 2019-06-05 Minor None Open Rolf Rolf
11889 Upload not working 2018-09-11 Major Awaiting Response Open Fernando Morgado Noel Schenk
11733 from name, from address, subject in the "send" field are not ok in sent emails 2018-02-13 Minor None Open Nobody Franck
11530 Result sent twice to Formbrowser 2017-08-08 Major Awaiting Response Open Rolf jean-christophe ghio
11355 submit to an arbitrary form does not send correct value for radio and country dropdown 2017-04-07 Minor None Open Nobody Mario S (rotezecke)
11327 $FBid not available when using Field Type Module Interface Field 2017-03-14 None Awaiting Response Open Fernando Morgado Jos
11274 Form import 2017-01-19 Trivial None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11273 value_foo functionality changed 2017-01-19 Minor None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11189 problem with time picker field 2016-10-17 Major None Open Nobody yann lamy
11155 File attatchment not supressed 2016-09-07 Major None Open Fernando Morgado Reto Corrodi
11092 From name field in "Email to User-Supplied Email Address" is overwritten 2016-07-21 Minor None Open Nobody Leo Holsti
10719 Copy to sender with blank "From email" when it populates only "Reply-to" email 2015-10-20 Minor None Open Fernando Morgado Tomas Amsrud
10492 Field "Write results to flat file" does not submit file-header 2015-04-13 None None Open Nobody antibart
9945 Invalid HTML for input type "file" 2014-04-09 Minor 0.7.3 Accepted Open Nobody Robin
6651 Problems with display inline 2011-07-11 Minor 0.7 Accepted Open Nobody nic mare