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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
10048 Option to add an attachment 2014-06-13 None Open Fernando Morgado Jan Schöne
10215 Make creation of dropdown select boxes easier 2014-09-08 None Open Nobody Robin
10306 Warn if field alias contains illegal characters 2014-11-19 None Open Nobody Robin
10423 Expire validation URL in Validate via Email to prevent duplicate results 2015-02-20 None Open Nobody Guillermo Peña
10796 Programmable destination email address using urlparam 2015-12-26 None Open Nobody Matt Postiff
11032 Support for external templates 2016-05-17 None Open Nobody Robert Campbell
11464 Duplicate fields 2017-07-07 None Open Nobody TimdeBuurman
11645 Multilingual handling 2017-11-22 None Open Nobody Mich-adg
11982 make Formbuilder compatible with CMSMailer smtp - because of the GDPR 2019-02-27 None Open Fernando Morgado Jan van Leeuwen
12174 Redirect to page with query variable 2019-10-23 None Open Nobody Mario S (rotezecke)
12323 Option to set class for submit button 2020-06-17 None Open Nobody Tristan
12461 Add HTML 5 input types 2021-07-13 None Open Fernando Morgado Stephan
12575 disable xss 2022-11-17 Accepted Open Fernando Morgado Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)