Self Registration

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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12402 blank screen 2020-12-23 Critical 1.14.6 None Open Robert Campbell Balazs
12014 Unable to Verify Users 2019-04-03 Major 1.14.3 None Open Robert Campbell Chris Walker
11922 nocaptcha=1 doesn't remove captcha from verification step 2018-11-02 None 1.14.2 Works For Me Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11909 PHP7.2: Mcrypt functionality is not enabled 2018-10-16 Major 1.14.2 None Open Robert Campbell Freud
11890 Enable Whitelist Issue 2018-09-12 Minor 1.14 Fixed Open Nobody Glen
11800 Can't correct password if submitting after a "passwords don't match" 2018-04-24 Minor 1.14 Works For Me Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11724 Wrong messages in form registration 2018-02-06 Major 1.13 None Open Robert Campbell Reginaldo Alex Faria
11625 New input not recognized after error 2017-11-01 Major 1.14 Works For Me Open Robert Campbell Jaap Grol
11618 Self registration email link does not pass group assignment 2017-10-25 Critical 1.12 Works For Me Open Robert Campbell Jack Skiba
11603 Send an email to the user on edittempuser never works 2017-10-12 Minor 1.11.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Tristan
11584 Changed fieldvalue disappears after error and submitting form again 2017-09-26 Critical 1.11.1 None Open Robert Campbell Freud
11253 Rechapta not showing on "validation" 2016-12-30 Minor 1.10 None Open Robert Campbell Kim Birkeland Skorgenes
10983 Update from older Selfregistration Versions breaks existing (modified) registration template 2016-04-21 Minor 1.9.6 None Open Nobody Ludger Merkens
10595 Users are able to edit a read-only date field on registration 2015-08-14 Major 1.9.7 None Open Nobody adrien jaures
9853 Hidden checkbox property default value not set inf FEU after registration 2014-02-22 Minor 1.8.2 None Open Robert Campbell Belery Olivier
7685 Paid package with manual payment problem 2012-03-08 Critical 1.6.14 None Open Robert Campbell Vincent G.
7417 Currency symbol is not showing on the Select Package Template tab 2012-01-02 Trivial 1.6.14 None Open Robert Campbell Sjoerd Adema
7016 Module is not properly cleaning input params 2011-10-25 Minor 1.6.13 Won't Fix Open Robert Campbell Arnoud Lagcher
4927 multiselect list bug 2010-05-14 Major 1.3.2 None Open Robert Campbell Gerrit Duran
4914 pass username to FinalMessage Template 2010-05-11 None 1.3.2 None Open Robert Campbell Piotras Cimmperman
4655 Editing user in SelfReg resets created date 2010-03-08 Minor 1.2.6 None Open Nobody Tahd McGinnis
4529 Typo in default Registration Template 2 results in no error messages showing. 2010-01-21 Minor 1.2.5 None Open Nobody stephen cooper
4263 sendanotheremail does not recognise users 2009-11-03 Major 1.2.5 Accepted Open Nobody Simon Brown
4182 HTML-entities in plain-text confirmation mail 2009-10-13 Major 1.2.5 None Open Nobody David Ursem
3448 Informing users email about editing their properties 2009-05-17 Major 1.2.3 None Open Robert Campbell