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Name Type Description
Lorem Ipsum Plugin Populate content with a random text generated by
LoremIpsum Tag Plugin This tag populates content with a given number (up to ten) of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.
Marquee Plugin This plugin provides a <marquee> like tag. Just insert this: {marquee text=" Created with CMS Made Simple "} inside a page or a template. Replace the "text" parameters value with your own text and that's it! See help after installation for other parameters. Especially, you can link your marquee to a page by its alias. Tested on IE8-9, FF4-11, Chrome11-18.
MicroGal Plugin MicroGal adds a simple gallery on your page with support for the Fancybox lightbox and possibility of creation of KML files (geotagged pictures only). KML files can be shown using my gMapsKML plugin.
mobiledetect Plugin Mobiledetect is a Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple System using Mobile_Detect PHP Class written by Serban Ghita. For more information about Mobile_Detect class you can visit and if you feel there is some detection missing, find a bug or would like to contribute to Mobile_Detect project, you can find it on Github. Description from Mobile_Detect project: "Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment."
modslack Plugin Ever just had a need for a off function... ...that you wished was in a module well this is where I have been sticking mine. Please feel free to Let me know if you find more. THE IDEA IS TO FILL IN THE GAPS
OAuth Plugin Plugin This plugin allows you to authenticate your visitors via the OAuth protocol to various social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is basically a wrapper for the HybridAuth PHP library. Note that this is a 3rd party plugin, not directly involved with the HybridAuth project. Please go to the github page to download the plugin:
Page Protect Tag Plugin This plugin allows you to protect a page with one or more passwords. Can be used in several pages with different sets of passwords. Can also be used in templates to protect a number of pages using those templates. This plugin is now officially deprecated, and won't be further supported. There will be a new module with the same features soon. Thanks!
PH ExtLink Plugin This plugin rewrites all external links, so they point to a "goodbye page". You can there ask the user, if he really wants to leave your page and present a disclaimer for external links.
PHP info plugin Plugin This plugin checks the site, for its php info, on the server.
phpMyGraph Plugin According given associated array it creates graph of png type. Graph has optional size, fonts, colors, types and some others characteristics
Pinterest Share Dialog Plugin Add a Pinterest button or widget to your website. Pin It button: Invite people to pin things from your website. To install, simply add the file to your Plugins folder. After installed go to Extensions > Tags and look for {PinterestShareDialog} if you need further instructions.
PolyLanguage Plugin This tag generates hyperlinks which link pages to the same sub hierarchy. So it is possible to click on every page in the defined language.
PRoot Plugin A Smarty Modifier Plugin that will check to see if the string is wrapped in <p> tags. If not, it adds the tags. It will also replace br tags with </p><p> and strip white space and multiple line returns. Example: {$string|proot} will wrap the string in <p> tags if they do not exist. You can specify the root element with the optional parameter. Example: {$string|proot:"div"} will use div instead of p tags. Could be used to display php code for example: Example: {$string|proot:"pre"} will wrap in <pre> tags.
QR Code Plugin Prints QR Code square image representing different kinds of data, using Google Chart APIs. Generate a QR Code image that contains the URL of the current page (or a different one); Call a phone number; Send an E-mail message; Send a SMS message; Import a contact information vCard or meCard; Config a WiFi network; and so on…
QR Image Plugin QR Image plugin is using Google Charts API for generating QR codes from specified URL. Generated QR Codes are saved in a folder for better caching and less URL requests from other domains. Optionally you can also use base64 encoded images (watch out for IE family in this case). Since Version 1.3 you are able to generate QR Code containing not only URL but also text, vCard, meCard, Telephone or Email information. With action='custom' you are also able to use it in combination with other Plugins or UDT's for example vcard Plugin For more Information please read Help text.
Random File URL Plugin This Plugin enables you to display a randomised URL of a file from a specified directory. This plugin is a stripped down version of the Multiple Random Image plugin. Useful for inline CSS based background image calls and other situations where only a URL is required.
Random Global Content Block Plugin To display a random Global Content Block from a selection of GCB whose name begins with a prefix. Works with CMSMS 1.11.x and above.
Random Guest Book Entry (Multilingual) Plugin A multilingual tag or plugin to display a random Guestbook (Module) entry on a page, in a flexible way. (Bit of a cheat as it doesn't have any real display text, but look to the XHTML produced and also the multilingual 'Help' and 'About' text.) Save the tag/plugin to your plugins directory. Just insert the tag into your template/page {sfi_random_guestbook_entry}. Please read the multilingual 'Help' and 'About' supplied with this tag for more information on using the tag and how to use the parameters. (Apologies in advance for the translations, they were done with Google. If any one wishes to send corrections then please do and I will amend the code.) See also:,38311.0.html
Random Image Plugin Display a random image from a cmsms directory using a smarty tag.
Random Image Selective Plugin Based on the original Random Image tag, this tag also allows you to specify a prefix of images to iclude as well as a prefix of images to exclude. Exclude defaults to "thumb_"
Random Image Selector Plugin This tag rotates images out of a directory, simply tell it the directory you want it to look in. Usage: {random_image dir="something"}
Random Quote Plugin A simple little tag for producing a random quote on a page from a list of quotes held in a text file stored in the root directory.
Randomize Plugin You can randomize the content of a text file to display it into your CMSMS website. Each line can contain HTML code that will be displayed randomly. You can then randomize images, lists of links, etc... You can choose how many lines you will display randomly, plus it includes a delimiter for you to place between each displayed line.
random_gcb Plugin This function takes any number of Global Content blocks whose name begins with a prefix and randomly displays it on the web page. This is a fork of the original random_blobs code to work with CMSMS
Recently Added Pages Plugin Smarty block for listing of newest pages.
Redirect Main Domain Plugin This plugin allow you to force web user to browse your site using the main domain URL. It is also usefull when you have multiple domains to be Search Engine Friendly.
Rotate Plugin Rotate is a plugin that creates a slideshow from a directory of images using the jQuery Cycle plugin. Full - Contains all of Cycle's Transitions. Lite - Only has the Fade effect.
rss2array Plugin A simple plugin reading a rss-feed and passing it to smarty for a template to display.
Section Image Plugin This plugin allows you to add an image to your site that displays according to the site section.