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Name Type Description
Page Protect Tag Plugin This plugin allows you to protect a page with one or more passwords. Can be used in several pages with different sets of passwords. Can also be used in templates to protect a number of pages using those templates. This plugin is now officially deprecated, and won't be further supported. There will be a new module with the same features soon. Thanks!
PH ExtLink Plugin This plugin rewrites all external links, so they point to a "goodbye page". You can there ask the user, if he really wants to leave your page and present a disclaimer for external links.
PHP info plugin Plugin This plugin checks the site, for its php info, on the server.
phpMyGraph Plugin According given associated array it creates graph of png type. Graph has optional size, fonts, colors, types and some others characteristics
Pinterest Share Dialog Plugin Add a Pinterest button or widget to your website. Pin It button: Invite people to pin things from your website. To install, simply add the file to your Plugins folder. After installed go to Extensions > Tags and look for {PinterestShareDialog} if you need further instructions.
PolyLanguage Plugin This tag generates hyperlinks which link pages to the same sub hierarchy. So it is possible to click on every page in the defined language.
PRoot Plugin A Smarty Modifier Plugin that will check to see if the string is wrapped in <p> tags. If not, it adds the tags. It will also replace br tags with </p><p> and strip white space and multiple line returns. Example: {$string|proot} will wrap the string in <p> tags if they do not exist. You can specify the root element with the optional parameter. Example: {$string|proot:"div"} will use div instead of p tags. Could be used to display php code for example: Example: {$string|proot:"pre"} will wrap in <pre> tags.