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Name Type Description
Watermark for images Plugin Add "watermark" protection over image. Watermark work only with images PNG, JPG, GIF (non animated). You can by options: - backup original images in subfolder with htaccess protection; - position of watermark
webp_image Plugin This Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple 2.x converts an image to a webp format. Supports cache. Speed up your website with a modern image format. Usage: <img src="{webp_image src="uploads/simplex/images/cmsmadesimple-logo.png" quality="85"}" width="227" height="59"/> You can use a relative and absolute url (path) to the image in the src parameter. For Gallery: <a class="group" href="{webp_image src=$image->file}" title="{$image->comment}" rel="prettyPhoto[{$galleryid}]"><img src="{webp_image src=$image->thumb}" alt="{$image->titlename}" /></a>
webvideo Plugin A simple tag that can embed a movie or playlist on your page from youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafe, google, dailymotion, and any other source that supports url parameters. Useful when you don't need a full blown media manager and you want to maintain valid xhtml.
WHOIS TOOL TAG Plugin The tag whois is a little form that helps all users to know if a particular domain is available. This TAG shows if a domain is already taken or not. The extensions supported are: eu, it, com, net, org, name, biz, info, nl, be, de;
Wordpress Blog Post Display Plugin A plugin to query a Wordpress database and post blog entries on a page within CMSMS. NOTE: this plugin will only work if your Wordpress installation uses the same database as your CMSMS installation and your Wordpress tables use the standard "wp_" prefix.