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Name Type Description
tableshow Plugin A simple table markup allows defining three segments (thead, tfoot and tbody) as well as td and th elements and multicolumn cells. Active rows can be selected from the data, eg. by date. Date formats can be converted prior to display. The data displayed can be selected from the tbody by defining optional start and end criteria for specific columns. thus a table can display for example only rows relating to the period from the present to a specific number of days in the future. Download files from the repository ("Code" tab) as I cannot see how to get them into "Files". Install instructions are included.
Tag Related Pages Plugin This plugin will create relations between pages in CMSMS, simply adding one or more tag(s) to the required page.
Truncate Better Plugin A UDT (User Defined Tag) to trim news entries respecting html tags. Variables: character limit, text to add after truncation, read more link and customized link text. How to notes in the comments at the top of the file . . .
Tweet Feed Plugin This is a reworking of the Tweets plugin. Display tweets from a specified Twitter account.
tweets Plugin Display tweets from a Twitter account on your CMSMS pages. Help is only in french at the moment (sorry for that, I'll translate it later in english... or if somebody wants to do it for me :) ) INFO: Now compatible with PHP > 5.3 !!!