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Name Type Description
Last Created Pages Plugin This plugin modifies the last_modified_pages plugin created by Thomas Gubisch to show last created pages instead. This may be relevant for META information (if you need to find out which recent pages you did not supply meta information for), or for RSS/email newsletter purposes.
Last Update Plugin This small plugin will just the update date/time of the last modified page in the system. You can format the output date/time.
List Downloads Plugin This plugin reads a specified directory and creates a (html-)table of all files of the directory. It creates a table with the filenames (and files-links), the files sizes and the modify time. Optional, the plugin can show a column with a simple download counter. You can specify an exclude filter, you can format the output of the date and you can configure, that a file will be forced as a download. Furthermore, if the file is an image, the plugin creates thumbnails with the possibility to zoom and it reads the iptc-description to display an image description. Also, the plugin can read pdf metadata and shows it as additional information. Last but not least, you can use a simple password protection of a download folder.
Lorem Ipsum Plugin Populate content with a random text generated by
LoremIpsum Tag Plugin This tag populates content with a given number (up to ten) of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.