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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
7853 Allow filters for any field and/or category 2012-04-20 None Open Goran Ilic Grant O'Neill
8149 Add grouping of extra fields 2012-07-19 None Open Tapio Löytty Goran Ilic
8351 Expired items option 2012-09-05 None Open Nobody Goran Ilic
8371 search_* to include LIKE if a % is found in the search term 2012-09-10 None Open Tapio Löytty Nik
8723 Allow field definitions for categories 2012-12-06 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Grant O'Neill
9005 mass action: assign category 2013-03-05 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Harm
9101 Ability to select the default checked state for radio and checkbox groups. 2013-04-03 None Open Nobody tcbunt
9126 Create Tabs in the Backend 2013-04-10 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Bertus Groenewegen
9133 Instance Presets 2013-04-11 Accepted Open Tapio Löytty Goran Ilic
9213 link {$item->url) to a template 2013-04-30 None Open Nobody R. Prinsen
9353 Category images 2013-07-02 None Open Tapio Löytty cb2004
9369 Select textarea or input field as default title field 2013-07-09 Won't Fix Open Nobody Oliver Seddon
9429 Allow ability to override upgrade of instance class 2013-07-26 Won't Fix Open Tapio Löytty Mike Crowe
9435 set default order of items 2013-07-30 None Open Nobody Frank Hoek
9478 New field type - select items from other ListIt instances 2013-08-19 Won't Fix Open Nobody Grant O'Neill
9556 Previous and next links in detail view 2013-09-27 None Open Tapio Löytty cb2004
9605 Set Category via FormBuilder 2013-10-19 None Open Tapio Löytty Reinhard Mohr
9723 Export ListIt2 Instance 2013-12-11 None Open Nobody Lewis Howles
9780 Option to hide "Alias" from admin listing and edit mode 2014-01-18 Fixed Open Tapio Löytty Grant O'Neill
9810 Don't put the path of FieldDef in database, Prefer caching 2014-02-04 Fixed Open Tapio Löytty bess
9841 Filter System 2014-02-16 None Open Nobody Darren Kierman
9919 return link for categories 2014-03-22 None Open Nobody Pia Baumann
10047 New options for item ordering in admin 2014-06-13 None Open Tapio Löytty Grant O'Neill
10116 category param should accept id 2014-07-15 None Open Tapio Löytty cb2004
10203 Read-only field definitions 2014-09-03 None Open Nobody Robin