[#7853] Allow filters for any field and/or category

Created By: Grant O'Neill (gocreative)
Date Submitted: 2012-04-19 22:40

Assigned To: Goran Ilic (uniqu3)
Resolution: None
State: Open
Allow filters for any field and/or category
Detailed Description:
Allow the list of items to be filtered by category and/or other fields. At
present I'm using this module to store a large number of products. As there are
various product categories, it's difficult to manage products within one
particular category, especially since there is the ability to manually reorder
the items in the list.

Additionally, while the search box allows some level of filtering, it would be
great to have a filter such as this:

'Show only those items where [field name] [includes|does not include] [your
wildcard search here]'

Or something to that effect. More filters could be added on the fly, but I'm not
sure that's feasible or necessary for most people.

As usual, just a suggestion and if others deem this request surplus to their
needs then that's fine :)


Date: 2013-06-15 14:26
Posted By: Paul Peree (musicscore)

This is a realy improvment. I also use listit2 and created a module which holds
al lot of items.
My customer is lossing controle over the list and the solution would be a filter
filtering by category.

The feature request is still open. I hope this will be in versie 1.4 final.