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Name Type Description
Secure file download Plugin This tag and extra download script obfuscates a link to a file which you would like to protect from unauthorized download. It only provides real security, if used in conjunction with the FrontendUsers module.
Server Clock Plugin Plugin to print out a dynamic JS clock that shows the current time of your webserver.
Server time Plugin Just prints out the server time and a JavaScript to display server time dynamically, with option to add custom text in front of the time
Simple Form Plugin The Simple Form plugin displays a simple contact form at the website. It is a one file plugin and doesn't have an Admin page. It provides a name, an email, a subject and message field. All fields can be pre-filled automatically. It has a built in honey pot anti-spam feature and also supports the Captcha module. The lay-out and the supplied sample stylesheet can be used with responsive webdesign. The plugin is also multilingual! CMSMS 1.12.2 and 2.x.
Social Bookmarking Plugin PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is currently not working in 1.11.13 • I will try to fix/update it as soon as I have some time, no time-frame for a fix, do not send emails. Thanks. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Submit links of pages and/or modules to up to 90 Social Bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Google+1 and many others. To install, simply unzip files to the root of your CMS site. After installed go to Extensions > Tags and click on the Help link next to {socialBookmarking} if you need further instructions. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• UPDATED TO WORK WITH 1.1x| Please notice that the call has changed to {SocialBookmarking} instead of {socialBookmarking}, update your sites accordingly.
spro Google Presentations Plugin This proyect allow users to embed a Google drive (docs) presentation inside their cmsms web pages
SuperSizer Plugin SPEED YOUR SITE UP ….!!!! •Resized images on the fly •Full caching support •Supports transparences •Subdomain controls •Apply filters •Crop the way you want •Handle UNLIMITED images •WORKS with gallery, news, FEU, any module you want - Simple, flexible!
SWFObject Tag Plugin A simple tag for embedding flash content using SWFObject. Download, unzip and upload the function.swfobject.php file to the plugins directory.
tableshow Plugin A simple table markup allows defining three segments (thead, tfoot and tbody) as well as td and th elements and multicolumn cells. Active rows can be selected from the data, eg. by date. Date formats can be converted prior to display. The data displayed can be selected from the tbody by defining optional start and end criteria for specific columns. thus a table can display for example only rows relating to the period from the present to a specific number of days in the future. Download files from the repository ("Code" tab) as I cannot see how to get them into "Files". Install instructions are included.
Tag Related Pages Plugin This plugin will create relations between pages in CMSMS, simply adding one or more tag(s) to the required page.
TemplateExists Plugin simple smarty plugin to check if a template resrource exists. It contains only a single php file, the plugin implementation. After downloading you put it into your installations assets/plugins directory. After this you can use it like: {$resource = "some_resource_name"} {if {template_exists file=$resource}}{include file=$resource}{/if}
Truncate Better Plugin A UDT (User Defined Tag) to trim news entries respecting html tags. Variables: character limit, text to add after truncation, read more link and customized link text. How to notes in the comments at the top of the file . . .
Tweet Feed Plugin This is a reworking of the Tweets plugin. Display tweets from a specified Twitter account.
tweets Plugin Display tweets from a Twitter account on your CMSMS pages. Help is only in french at the moment (sorry for that, I'll translate it later in english... or if somebody wants to do it for me :) ) INFO: Now compatible with PHP > 5.3 !!!
vcard Plugin A simple plugin to generate a vcard. Suitable for use in a page or as input to another utility (qrcode generator?) this plugin allows specifying numerous parameters and generating a vcard.
Viddler Playlist Plugin Connects to your account on the video service and facilitates the configuration and display of a Viddler playlist on a page. You must already have a Viddler account and playlist created. To use, extract the file and upload to your plugins directory.
Video Plugin Video is a plugin that allows you to easily display an ADA compliant, XHTML video in Quicktime format by utilizing a {video} tag.
Video Embedder Plugin Plugin to include videos uploaded to the most popular video sharing portals.
Video Embedder Plugin Plugin Plugin to include videos uploaded to the most popular video sharing portals.
Watermark for images Plugin Add "watermark" protection over image. Watermark work only with images PNG, JPG, GIF (non animated). You can by options: - backup original images in subfolder with htaccess protection; - position of watermark
webp_image Plugin This Smarty plugin for CMS Made Simple 2.x converts an image to a webp format. Supports cache. Speed up your website with a modern image format. Usage: <img src="{webp_image src="uploads/simplex/images/cmsmadesimple-logo.png" quality="85"}" width="227" height="59"/> You can use a relative and absolute url (path) to the image in the src parameter. For Gallery: <a class="group" href="{webp_image src=$image->file}" title="{$image->comment}" rel="prettyPhoto[{$galleryid}]"><img src="{webp_image src=$image->thumb}" alt="{$image->titlename}" /></a>
webvideo Plugin A simple tag that can embed a movie or playlist on your page from youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafe, google, dailymotion, and any other source that supports url parameters. Useful when you don't need a full blown media manager and you want to maintain valid xhtml.
WHOIS TOOL TAG Plugin The tag whois is a little form that helps all users to know if a particular domain is available. This TAG shows if a domain is already taken or not. The extensions supported are: eu, it, com, net, org, name, biz, info, nl, be, de;
Wordpress Blog Post Display Plugin A plugin to query a Wordpress database and post blog entries on a page within CMSMS. NOTE: this plugin will only work if your Wordpress installation uses the same database as your CMSMS installation and your Wordpress tables use the standard "wp_" prefix.
Xajax Tools Plugin This plugin provides xajax functionality to the frontend using the xajax libary that comes by default with CMSms. You can process any module action, plugin or udt using xajax requests.
z_DEPRECATED Cookie Consent Plugin USE NOW: !! - THIS TAG IS DEPRECATED - This tag adds a cookie consent bar to your website. A visitor can accept or decline cookies. Depending on the visitors choice the - in example - analytics code can be added to the site or not... Included languages: English, German, French, Portoguese and Dutch. Other languages can be added yourself. Can be used in multi-lingual websites. You can use the default stylesheet or use your own to style the output of the tag. The tag is easy to use. CMSMS 1.11+ compatible
z_DEPRECATED JW Player Plugin This plugin is a simple wrapper around the JW Player software ( It can be used to play videos at your website. (For commercial use you need a licence for JW Player) CMSMS 1.12.x and 2.x compatible