News Module

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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
488 A few things that would help with large news lists 2006-03-24 None Open Nobody Paul Noone
1079 Possibility to assign News to a menu item 2006-10-15 None Open Nobody Alexander Diedler
2927 Option to exclude category. 2009-01-22 None Open Nobody Bob Sideshow
3403 Ability to exclude News articles from search results 2009-05-06 None Open Nobody Tahd McGinnis
3917 My two cents on the news module 2009-08-20 None Open Robert Campbell Martijn van Turnhout
5431 ability to make new form fields, required fields 2010-09-16 None Open Nobody Rowena Naidoo
9728 Change of permissions for 'categories' 2013-12-13 None Open Nobody Chris Taylor
11550 News summary and detail templates complete control over markup and styling 2017-08-28 Invalid Open Nobody Deleted User
11900 Turn off URL(slug) when no detail template selected 2018-09-18 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Laura Bennett
12056 Add a description field for a new definition field 2019-06-26 Won't Fix Open Nobody Mich-adg
12421 Go to page 2021-02-24 None Open Nobody Kim Birkeland Skorgenes