News Module

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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12454 %x %X instead of date and time in news list 2021-05-20 Major 2.51.10 None Open Nobody Przemysław Kudłacik
12303 No date displayed in the admin + category id not incremented 2020-05-03 Critical 2.51.10 None Open Nobody Cedric Franquet
12295 Extra Field Error 2020-04-22 Trivial 2.51.7 None Open Nobody Jason
12289 SQL bug - no news being displayed (or entries missing) after migration/upgrades from sufficiently old version 2020-04-08 None 2.51.10 None Open Nobody Kadigan KS/b/
12284 Special characters in News titles are double converted 2020-03-31 Minor 2.51.7 None Open Nobody
12207 can't display image in news when using upload field 2019-12-10 Minor Fixed Open Nobody Franck
12187 Smarty Tag do not go anymore 2019-11-08 Major 2.51.7 None Open Robert Campbell Markus Klingenstein
12171 idlist parameter doesn't work anymore 2019-10-16 Minor 2.51.7 Fixed Open Nobody Franck
12064 Change History missing 2019-07-03 Trivial v2.51.6 None Open Nobody Tristan
11606 Change News module category create_date to CMS_ADODB_DT instead of T 2017-10-16 Trivial 2.14.1 None Open Nobody Deleted User
11567 Please allow limiting min/max depth of News categories in output 2017-09-12 None Invalid Open Nobody Rimas Kudelis
11341 PHP notice logged when news url called without articleid 2017-03-25 Minor 2.14.1 Fixed Open Nobody
10475 Fields definitions not reindexed 2015-03-31 Minor 2.14.1 Fixed Open Robert Campbell jean-christophe ghio
10082 Custom file upload breaks SSL pages 2014-06-30 Minor 2.14.1 Fixed Open Nobody Eduardo Martinez