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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12636 action.default spams the php error log 2023-07-29 Trivial 2.4.3 None Open Jos Ludger Merkens
12569 (recent) galleries deleted when opening CONTENT\GALLERY in CMSMS backend 2022-10-28 Major 2.4.3 None Open Nobody Erik Verberne
12470 Gallery bulk edit not working 2021-09-01 Minor 2.4.2 Awaiting Response Open Jos limeflash
12257 Gallery 2.4.2 inserts the Template JS code twice into the page under certain conditions 2020-02-02 Trivial 2.4.2 None Open Jos
12185 New Linkbuilding breaks older galleries 2019-11-08 Major 2.4 None Open Jos Ludger Merkens
11589 Built in move function not working 2017-10-02 Minor 2.3.2 Works For Me Open Jos Martin Poettgen
10914 Gallery breaks news "previous" and "next" links when used in news summary templates 2016-02-27 Major 2.1 Won't Fix Open Nobody John Ablaxoublabla
10680 Gallery 2.0.x no longer works with symbolic links 2015-10-04 Major 2.0.2 None Open Nobody Fred Polizo
9802 no thumbnails created in gallery tree 2014-01-26 Minor 1.6.1 None Open Jos Jonathan Schmid
9670 Variable naming conflicts with News module 2013-11-14 None 1.6.1 Won't Fix Open Jos Robin
9597 Facebook like count not updating 2013-10-16 Major prettyPhoto 3.1.4-1 None Open Nobody eddy hill
9371 Next and previous links use default template, not the 'set' one 2013-07-09 Critical 1.6.1 None Open Jos Dries
7980 Titles, album thumbnails lost on upgrade 2012-05-23 Minor 1.5.3 None Open Jos Paul Baker
7510 previous-page and next-page strings unconsistently tagged 2012-01-25 Minor 1.4.4 None Open Jos Dominik Lenné