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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
5681 $notes field not present on Content Edit screen 2010-11-15 Major 0.9 None Open Samuel Goldstein
5636 Text Area field not showing after CMS update to 1.9 2010-11-09 Critical 0.8.0 None Open Nobody
5504 Reorder pages not work 2010-10-11 None 0.8.0 None Open Samuel Goldstein romana ferrer
5425 Manage User-Defined Attributes doen't work anymore 2010-09-15 Critical 0.8.0 None Open Nobody Andi Petzoldt
5278 catnav not working 2010-08-08 Major 0.7.7 None Open Samuel Goldstein BRF_BT
5270 Show in Menu inactive from Page Default is ignored 2010-08-06 Minor 0.7.6 None Open Nobody Bernd Klenk
5037 Re-submit all pages to see template change 2010-06-07 None 0.7.7 None Open Nobody Nik
4856 Error by copying an Cataloger Entry-Page 2010-04-28 Major 0.7.7 None Open Nobody Andi Petzoldt
4112 Cataloger and Additional Editors 2009-09-29 Minor 0.7.6 Fixed Open Fernando Morgado Marisa
3664 Cannot see images for product catefories 2009-07-06 Critical 0.7.4 None Open Nobody CTPAHHuK
3252 Special characters or blank in attribute name 2009-04-04 Critical None Open Nobody Sofia Hauschildt
2862 can't use next page when view display list item page in itempage view 2009-01-12 Major None Open Nobody Kypernet
2314 Goes against convention by using Permissions tab 2008-06-03 None Open Nobody Peter Gasston
2138 Item Attributes with special characters 2008-03-04 None Open Nobody Nuno Costa
1955 Displaying an attribute's value when listing items in a category broken after renaming attribute's name 2007-12-06 None Open Nobody Vince G
1280 Cataloger confuses same named ittems in different categories 2007-01-18 None Open Nobody t w