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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
10640 Meta description not set 2015-09-16 None None Open Nobody Patrick Schoenbach
9882 Generating sitemap.xml for the first time generates a warning 2014-03-05 Trivial 1.2.1 None Open Prue Rowland Willie van Zyl
9725 SEOTools2 Module does not recognise news pages 2013-12-12 Minor 1.2.1 Invalid Open Prue Rowland dave
9315 Autogenerating keywords for russian language doesn't work 2013-06-13 Major 1.2.1 None Open Nobody Oleg
9253 Smarty variables not exported 2013-05-12 Major 1.2.1 Invalid Open Nobody Michael
9251 sitemap.xml not pushed to Google 2013-05-12 Major 1.2.1 Invalid Open Nobody Michael
8925 link to "metasettings" on seo alerts page just refreshes 2013-02-09 None 1.1 Accepted Open Nobody info andries
8776 Valid HTML issues 2012-12-23 Major 1.1 Invalid Open Nobody R. Prinsen
8749 SEOtools2 does not work / adding tag generates faillure 2012-12-15 Major 1.1.1 None Open Nobody Bauke Jonkmans
8651 smarty compile error 2012-11-17 Minor Won't Fix Open Prue Rowland Metamorphose
8558 Not escaping special chars like "&" in meta data output 2012-10-22 None 1.1 Accepted Open Prue Rowland Philonor
8444 Broken image 2012-09-26 Minor 1.1 None Open Prue Rowland Nicholas Wittering
8408 The variable $metadescription in detail pages does not replace the metadescription content block 2012-09-17 None 1.1 Invalid Open Nobody Chris
8404 Problem with 'og:image' tag 2012-09-15 Minor 1.1 Accepted Open Nobody Chris