Multilanguage CMS

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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12366 quotation marks in strings breaks translation.dat 2020-09-10 None 2.0-beta2 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11600 Admin Log overloading with "Attempt to redirect to invalid alias" 2017-10-10 Minor 2.0-beta1 None Open Nobody Marcel Janssen
11337 The "Flags" language switcher skips some languages on some pages 2017-03-20 None 2.0-beta1 None Open Nobody Rimas Kudelis
11284 Allow ids and not only page aliases in mle_selflink tags 2017-01-27 None 2.0-beta1 None Open Nobody aCore
10878 Make MleCMS work with CMSMS V2 2016-02-06 Critical 1.11.4 None Open Nobody John Ablaxoublabla
10157 Snippets and Blocks not showing 2014-08-14 None 1.11.4 None Open Nobody Magal
9979 Browser language detection 2014-05-06 Minor 1.11.4 None Open Nobody Superpink
9636 There is no documentation regarding the tag mle_assign 2013-10-30 Trivial None Open Nobody aCore
9594 Using 1.11.4 and swith of wysiwig editor in admin - mle blocks still using tinymce 2013-10-14 Major None Open Nobody Martin Poettgen
9573 MleCms and Formbuilder 2013-10-04 Minor 1.10.5 None Open Zdeno Kuzmany Farhad Pez
9510 parent_lang variable not set correctly after cmsms update 2013-09-01 Major 1.11.4 None Open Nobody Markus
9151 Right to left language direction problem 2013-04-15 Minor 1.11.4 Awaiting Response Open Zdeno Kuzmany Belery Olivier
9117 Fatal Error on Turkish language 2013-04-08 Critical 1.11.4 None Open keb Belery Olivier
9102 Mle CMS problems with CGCalendar 2013-04-03 Major 1.11.3 None Open Nobody noosphere
9092 Parent lang content desactivated but sub-contents always avaiable 2013-03-29 Minor 1.11.4 Won't Fix Open Nobody Mich-adg
8896 MLE CMS error when calling MleCMS blocks 2013-02-04 Major 1.11.3 Invalid Open Zdeno Kuzmany Martin Poettgen
8811 Error on adding a seventh language 2013-01-07 Critical 1.11.4 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Gianluca Savini
8765 Cannot add language through admin panel after upgrade on a 1.11.4 CMS and Mle 2012-12-19 Major 1.11.4 None Open Zdeno Kuzmany Eric Pesser
8439 MLe don't change url on "flags" 2012-09-25 Major 1.11.2 Works For Me Open Nobody funkyhead