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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
8638 Articles with extra field do not display in frontend 2012-11-13 Minor 1.9.8 None Open Nobody Florian Moussous
8899 FEU can't delete Image/File. 2013-02-05 Minor 1.9.11 None Open Robert Campbell Mirko Speelman
9054 browsecat does not return correct number of posts 2013-03-14 Minor 1.9.12 None Open Nobody Lapinos
10018 The same image code outputs for detail but not summary template 2014-06-01 Minor 1.12.3 None Open Robert Campbell tom mayman
10942 Post date older than 10 years ago: can't choose year when editing 2016-03-18 Minor 1.13.3 None Open Nobody Paul Baker
11595 "Article saved" message appears only once on Apply 2017-10-05 Minor 1.14.4 Works For Me Open Nobody Paul Baker
11607 Can't upgrade from 1.14.4 2017-10-16 Critical 1.15 Fixed Open Robert Campbell Kim Birkeland Skorgenes
11611 Unable to load admin interface 2017-10-17 Major 1.15.1 Fixed Open Nobody
11623 Call to a member function MemberOfGroup() on null after FEU uninstall 2017-10-31 Major 1.15.5 Fixed Open Nobody Tristan
11643 Default Detail Page and Default Summary Page selector disappears from Options Tab in CGBlog Admin page 2017-11-20 Major 1.15.5 Invalid Open Robert Campbell Bobby King
11678 Detailpage option doesn't work 2017-12-18 Critical 1.15.5 None Open Robert Campbell Jan Andrè Schlösser
11743 Sortorder not known by cgblog 2018-02-18 Trivial 1.15.7 None Open Robert Campbell Kim Birkeland Skorgenes
11805 Unable to set frontend submissions to not use expiry date 2018-05-01 None 1.15.7 None Open Robert Campbell Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
11824 Security url showall=1 2018-05-20 Trivial 1.15.7 None Open Nobody Diego
11877 Resulting links are broken when using the "archive" action 2018-08-27 Major 1.15.7 None Open Nobody
11884 Apply button does not apply anything the first time around 2018-09-06 Minor 1.15.7 None Open Nobody Matt Postiff
11923 Categories selected in frontend are not saved 2018-11-05 Major 1.15.8 None Open Robert Campbell cyrcle
11994 Fatal PHP Error 2019-03-18 Major 1.15.8 None Open Robert Campbell Jason
12089 Custom fields (image upload) breaks CGBlog 2019-08-01 Critical 1.15.12 None Open Robert Campbell Oliver Coningham
12159 Fatal error when "FEU Group that can view draft articles" is set to something other than none 2019-09-26 Major 1.15.13 None Open Robert Campbell Tristan
12176 Edit message in {CGBlog action="myarticles"} gives HTTP ERROR 500 2019-10-25 Minor 1.15.13 None Open Robert Campbell Marc Maas
12177 CGBlog is moved to the Extensions section 2019-10-25 Trivial 1.15.13 None Open Robert Campbell Marc Maas
12240 FEU Blog entry submission 2 issues with categories 2020-01-07 Critical 1.15.14 None Open Robert Campbell Magal
12254 Cannot use File / Image types in CMSMS2.3 2020-01-30 Minor 1.15.14 None Open Robert Campbell Mathieu Muths (airelibre)