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[#12643] Error 500 when upgrading after step 8 on large installs

Created By: Tristan (tristan)
Date Submitted: Mon Sep 04 05:51:58 -0400 2023

Assigned To:
Version: 2.2.18
CMSMS Version: 2.2.18
Severity: Minor
Resolution: None
State: Open
Error 500 when upgrading after step 8 on large installs
Detailed Description:
Always getting an error 500 on step 8 on larger installs with recent versions of
CMS Made Simple:

[Mon Aug 07 11:06:33.778011 2023] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 1040:tid
140279016179456] [remote] AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI
header, referer:
[Mon Aug 07 11:06:33.778068 2023] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 1040:tid
140279016179456] (104)Connection reset by peer: [remote]
AH01075: Error dispatching request to : , referer:

Frontend just gives me a 500 Internal Server Error:

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to
complete your request.

This is after waiting for a long time after clicking "Next" on the Database
work, step 8. I think it used to just timeout on earlier versions. Some
observations after that upgrade:

It does seem to think it's upgraded afterwards and if I freshen that large
install, that's now supposedly on 2.2.18 even after that error 500, it gives me
the option to refresh only of course if I run the installer again. The refresh
seems to work but since the step 8 to the finish page is instant I doubt it does
anything on that step if you're just refreshing the install.