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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
9752 Changes are not applied 2013-12-31 Major 1.5.2 None Open Szymon Łukaszczyk Stephan
9399 Access Type cannot be changed once a file is added 2013-07-15 Major 1.5.2 None Open Nobody Chris Shaw
8320 Template parameter does not work with detail page 2012-08-29 Major 1.5.2 None Open Nobody Daan Aikema
7156 Problems with Download Manager in 1.10 2011-11-11 None Invalid Open Nobody Johan Volkers
6336 Not displaying new downloads 2011-03-30 Major 1.5.1 None Open Nobody Matthew
5558 Absolute file path causes problems in server change. 2010-10-21 Minor None Open Nobody Jukka Helén