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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
4937 Assign files to a particular FEU 2010-05-16 None Open Pierre-Luc Germain Jonathan Schmid
5173 Bulk scan add 2010-07-16 None Open Nobody Szymon Łukaszczyk
6172 Captcha 2011-03-01 None Open Nobody Tom Rosenback
6180 FEU file submit 2011-03-01 None Open Nobody Square
6578 Sort by on the front end 2011-06-14 None Open Nobody cb2004
6907 Example templates by default 2011-09-29 None Open Nobody Peter Tindemans
7300 Minimum of 3 Option fields 2011-12-04 None Open Nobody Geert Cornelissen
7904 downloads only visible for groups with accessrights 2012-04-30 None Open Nobody Paul Peree