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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
12444 Right clic edit image error = Aviary is not defined 2021-04-25 Minor 3.2-beta6 None Open Nobody Mich-adg
12383 Language-files are missing 2020-11-10 Major 3.3.2 None Open Rolf Jan van Leeuwen
12334 User Interface options changed for TinyMCE v5 2020-07-13 Minor 3.3.2 None Open Nobody Chris Taylor
12328 "Automatic image resizing" Broken? 2020-06-24 Major 3.3.2 None Open Nobody Darren Kierman
12318 In Toolbar formatselect styleselect are named with the same name *Paragraph* 2020-05-31 Trivial 3.3.2 None Open Nobody cyrcle
12243 html height in stylesheet affects auto resize 2020-01-12 None 3.3.1 None Open Nobody Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
12180 TinyMCE fails with activated extension 2019-10-29 None 3.3 None Open Nobody Peter Engels
12143 styleselect dropdown mis-labelled 2019-09-17 Minor 3.3 None Open Nobody Greg Prosser
12128 Resize box 100% expanded when typing 2019-09-07 Minor 3.3 None Open Rolf Kim Birkeland Skorgenes
12127 Rezise 2019-09-07 Minor 3.3 None Open Rolf Kim Birkeland Skorgenes
11899 CMSMS Linker function not working 2018-09-18 Major Awaiting Response Open Nobody Charles Butcher
11735 missing lang file in responsive file manager 2018-02-15 Minor 3.2-beta5 Awaiting Response Open Nobody John Beatrice
11525 Filemanager Lang error 2017-08-06 Minor 3.2-beta3 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Petr N.
11206 TinyMce new user images 2016-11-06 Major 3.1.4 None Open Rolf John Nurse
11002 no access to files when permission "Modify files" is not set 2016-04-30 Major 3.1.2 None Open Nobody Peter Engels
10948 Problem with hardcoded uploads-folder 2016-03-22 Minor 3.1.2 None Open Rolf Freud