Showtime Module

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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
5841 Edit templates 2010-12-14 None Open Peter Mathieu Muths (airelibre)
5968 Customize Controls / arrows / next previous buttons 2011-01-09 None Open Peter Mitch Proulx
6056 Assign slideshow by date 2011-02-01 None Open Nobody Peter
6140 don't delete database tables when de-activating 2011-02-20 None Open Peter Connie Müller-Gödecke
6163 swf files in slides 2011-02-27 None Open Peter Vedat Karaduman
6248 ability to customize alt text 2011-03-11 None Open Peter Matt Hornsby (DIGI3)
6511 Image resize on upload (SWFUpload) 2011-05-24 None Open Peter Jan Anne
6652 Images with publication and depublication dates 2011-07-11 None Open Peter Gust
6918 Transparency on text box 2011-10-01 None Open Nobody Tino
7534 Adding a stop button to the slideshow 2012-01-30 None Open Nobody Franck
7962 Option: LINK SLIDESHOW TO A SPECIFIC PAGE 2012-05-15 None Open Peter Vinko Baković
8008 Separate Settings for Slideshow Start 2012-05-31 None Open Nobody Jonathan Gubler
8012 combine and compress stylesheets and js 2012-06-02 None Open Peter info andries
8595 Showtime Diashow hide trash an ad new slide for editors and designers 2012-10-29 None Open Peter pascal
8701 Posibility not autohide next and prior buttons on slideshow 2012-11-30 None Open Peter codedeep
9547 Responsive Version 2013-09-19 None Open Nobody dave jones